"Leg" Oden to Stay with Blazers

By Chris Lauderback on December 8, 2011 at 2:08p

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Buckeyejason's picture

$8.9 mil to be an injury prone bench warmer? Wow..


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I guess they figure they've come this far with him money-wise, they don't want to let him go and potentially play up to his ability elsewhere.

He was up to averaging 11.1 pts and 8.5 reb in just 24 minutes (21 games) in 2009-10 season before getting hurt again.

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He also averaged 4 personal fouls in those limited 24 minutes. I didn't get to watch him play alot, but when he was on tv it seemed like he was in foul trouble.

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I'd like his agent to negotiate my salary.  8.9 mil is crazy money for the guy.  Don't get me wrong I like him a lot but that's a ton of money for a guy who has basically done nothing in the NBA.

Wasn't Durant in the same draft with Oden?  That was almost the passing on Jordan to draft Bowie. 

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Yes, you are spot on here!


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Still gotta love that kid. I hope he proves the naysayers wrong and earns every dollar.

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how does anyone pay him any amount of money, he should be paying the blazers just to ride their beach. But damn, how's he going to say no to this. props to him for getting paid to literal do nothing. very jealous