Dunn Enrolling Early

By Jason Priestas on December 21, 2011 at 7:06p

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Man I hate twitter, but it's good to see that he plans to be on campus sooner rather than later.

vacuuming sucks

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Well its nice to see he's staying with us even with the bullshit he recieved from Meyer about no more punishment.

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UFM was merely regurgitating the noise he heard from Smith imho.I know he did his own research but it is the NCAA we're dealing with.

All said, 1 year won't really cramp the new blood's style much. Still a bummer though, that 2013 season seems eons away. It does make the scUM game glisten that much more. We better stomp `em sideways. 

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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how do you know he recieved bullshit from Meyer? 

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“He told me I didn’t have to worry about sanctions,” Dunn said. “Nothing worse is going to happen.”

From http://fridaynightohio.com/news/dunn-remains-committed-ohio-state-after-meyers-visit. Of course, what exact words Urban used, we may never know.

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why call it bullshit?  If dunn believed the "bullshit", now he knows the truth and can sign a NLOI with anyone.  Are you implying Dunn isn't intelligent enough to make up his own mind?  Why would Meyer feed anyone "bullshit" at this point? 

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You're worried about Meyer being "fragile" and now think he's peddling "bullshit"?

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Methinks someone doesn't like Mr. Meyer very much.

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Don't even bother Jason. Each day - as this site grows more popular - I find myself exculpating Herbstreit more and more as the proverbial lunatic fringe shows itself.

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Am i the only one who thinks of this when i hear the term lunatic fringe?


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Wow. First of all, according to how long you've been a memeber, I've been a member here much longer. So GTFO with the "as this site grows more popular." Although I can't claim to be an 11W original, I've been commenting here for nearly two years, so you can't call me new.

Secondly (and more importantly), has this what 11W has come to? Do I have to suck Meyer off if I want to be a valued member here? Nice. Your comment will be dually noted. Sorry I disagree. Meyer is not unblemished. I hope you all are right and Meyer has all the success we want him to have. In the end, I think he will be successful here. But that doesn't mean he doesn't come with concerns. If 11W as a whole really can't realize or respect my concerns, then perhaps I have misinterpreted this site as not only the number one Buckeye destination on the web, but one of the top places to visit for unbiased sporting news and opinions.

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I love the Meyer hire. Its just what we needed (if it works out the way it should.) I'm just not willing to pretend I don't have my concerns. Yes, I think he was peddling bullshit, but that's the way the recruiting trail goes. Its all a bunch of bullshit in this day and age. But it obviously wasn't TOO bad if Dunn stayed committed. Let's pretend that if he was still at Florida and they were just receiving a bowl ban, and he was promising Florida recruits that a bowl ban was not forth comeing in order to get them to come play at Florida. I would bet my life that there would be a significant group of people outraged on this site (heck, probably me included) calling "bullshit." And for the record, yes, the man has retired TWICE in his 40's citing health concerns which convieniantly occurred when the going got a little tougher at Florida. Until he proves otherwise, he is considered fragile (to me.) Look at my track record, you won't find a bigger supporter of the Meyer hire. I loved it. It "saved" us, if you will. I just have to take off my scarlet and grey sunglasses sometimes (which I wear often) and look at it unbiasedly. That being said, the rest of the college football world should be and IS scared of what this program is (potentially) capable of doing under Urban Meyer. Sorry Jason, loved the work 11W did throughout the developing Meyer story, I just can't have the same honeymoon right now that a lot of buckeye fans are having until he actually gets going as head coach.

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Can someone explain to me what little it would take to violate our probation? Worried fan.

osu alum living in Madison

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i would say violating any rule under probation would result in a double the punishment result.  OSU should walk the Line regardless of probation, and they'll be fine.

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Its possible Meyer knew about the 1 year ban and that he told them he expected it...  so it would be nothing new to the recruit... after all ... would you trust Gene Smith?  That guy must have bad pictures of Gee or something...

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


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Here's what we do know:

A) Dunn tweeted there were going to be no more sanctions.

B) There were more sanctions.

C) He's apparently enrolling early.

Obviously, there's something in there we don't know. But whatever it is, the end result is news we all want to hear, so who cares?

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It was the worst of times.   It was the best of times.

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Great to hear Dunn is enrolling early.  Best of luck, Bri'onte!

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I'm sure the Michigan boards are crowing that this news proves Dunn is a dunn deal to go north. I mean, they've been right about him every step of the way.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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I see what you did there...

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Love all of the big bruising backs we have now. We literally will have three guys who evoke comparisons to Beanie and Eddie for spring practice - Dunn, Hyde, and Rod Smith. ONE of them will certainly pan out. That's not to mention Hall and Ball. I'm excited to see this offense go next year. 

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Do you think Meyer will change his offense somewhat to contend with the weather later in the season? For example having more of a power running game?

osu alum living in Madison