"My son has been used as a sacrificial lamb to help the university..."

By Jason Priestas on October 8, 2011 at 2:15p

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This going to get real ugly, real fast I believe.  Can anyone say lawsuit.

go bucks

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I know Julie Posey personally. She is a good lady. She is not overly emotional by nature. When the initial infractions came out (tatgate), she put the blame on DeVier. She didn't necessarily agree with the rules, but she said to myself and others that "He knew the rules. And he broke them". But this is an entirely different case. I sympathize with Julie. I think they're throwing DeVier under the bus.

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Football does not define my son,” she said. “He came to Ohio State for reasons other than just to play football. He came also to get his degree. He came to mature and be ready to go out in the world. Prayerfully, he’ll be blessed to be able have his dream come true and play in the NFL.

I like that quote. Unfortunately such a notion doesn't play into the national story lines, so it won't get much attention outside of here and the Dispatch.

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first time ive ever seen the word 'prayerfully'

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I am still waiting for the explanation as to how Sharif Floyd only got one game for $2700.  Also, and believe me I am no math wizard, but if $272.50 gets you one game, how in the world does $836.50 translate to 5??????


Oh, and I am not sure how supressing evidence to exonerate Posey would work in the University's best interest.  I also fail to see why the NCAA would suspend Posey for five games in an effort to protect tOSU.  I agree with mom that this is extremely unfair, but I am not sure how this situation makes him a sacrificial lamb.


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Devier is using the University to benefit himself too. I don't agree with the punishment one bit, but lets not pretend like the University is the only beneficiary in this relationship. Devier and the other guys continued to play with fire after they got burned the first time and put the program in serious danger of receiving severe penalties from the NCAA.


James said he believed the NCAA targeted Posey because of his association with former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, who escaped a five-game suspension when he left for the NFL in July.

Yea, that's why they gave Jordan Hall a 5 game suspension as well. Oh wait!


Also, all the jock sniffers that are enabling these guys so they can feel cool should sit in a closed garage with an idling vehicle. OK, not really.


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Sacrificial lambs are fluffy and innocent...and rarely have tatoos or jobs where they don't show up and still get paid.