Carson Palmer to the Raiders

By Jason Priestas on October 18, 2011 at 11:05a

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Wow, do they really think he was worth 2 first round picks? I don't.

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That's what I thought, absolutely horrible trade for Oakland. The Brown's trade with Atlanta during the draft is looking better and better.

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And Mike Brown wins.


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I never thought mike brown and winning would go together but in this narrow context, yes he does.  Maybe Al Davis was making all the decisions himself because this was the kind of advice he was getting.

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Buckeyehater Carson Palmer wins too. Dammit.

Don't text while driving.

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The greatest trick Al Davis ever pulled was convincing the NFL he was not alive.

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Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Wow, that is dark.  But I have a dark sense of humor myself.

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Holy crap Mike Brown is a theiving bastard.

-The Aristocrats!

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Come on TP sucker punch that douch,Let'em know I don't use no stinkin' TROJANS.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I love Carson Palmer, and think a fresh start in a new place will result in some very good play.  We'll see I guess, but I think we'll see a completely different Carson out there.  One the Bengals had a few years ago.

Could be a win win for both franchises, of course being how backward run both are, somehow both could find a way to have it blow up in their faces lol. 

I say get TP out there catching the ball.  Have him take off and let Carson just launch it down the field and see what TP can do with it.  He'd be a match up nightmare for any DB.  Maybe he learns to play QB and maybe he doesn't, but the guy is a freakshow athlete, and could be a very good NFL player. 

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“I cannot stand the Buckeyes, and having to live in Ohio and hear those people talk about their team, it drives me absolutely nuts.”

Wanna rethink that love for Carson DB Palmer?

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I don't care about that.  I'm sure some a lot of guys I like in the NFL don't like the Buckeyes. 

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Does anyone really think Pryor will ever be a starting QB in the NFL? Let's be real here..I'm sure he'll be a 2nd to 3rd stringer at most his entire career.

Palmer sucks by the way..


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I honestly think he will get a chance.  Seriously, look at what Cam Newton has done.  Give Pryor some weapons and good coaching and his talent will eventually allow him to succeed.  He throws one hell of a deep ball and can certainly throw a 15 yard crossing route.  He needs to keep working on his fundamentals and his short passing game.  I think he will start somewhere eventually.

vacuuming sucks

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Sorry to break the news to you..but Cam Newton is 10 times better than Pryor.

I can't stand the guy personally..but he looks amazing this year. He throws great sitting there in the pocket and obviously can run when needed.

Pryor is not comparable to Newton IMO. Yeah there's the size and athleticsim similarity..but as far as being a QB Newton is head and shoulders above Pryor.


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Newton has a better release and can make better throws on short routes than Proyr, but their intermediate passing is pretty much equal, and Pryor throws a better deep ball. They're pretty much equally talented and developed. Its also pretty easy to look good throwing the ball when Steve Smith is on your team, as long as your name isn't Jimmy Clausen that is.

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Maybe Cam had better position coaches for the last few years...? Could that possibly account for some of their differences in performance/development.

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I agree with you BuckeyeJason.  At this point in their careers, they dont even belong in the same argument.  Newton has shut a lot of people up with his stellar play.  TP is just a big question mark for the time being. 

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I am willing to bet that Gus Malzhan is a better coach than Nick Sicliano too. TP has not exactly been given the proper coaching in the past. I believe TP is a better athlete with more upside.

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I didn't say Pryor would be as good as Newton, but I do think a comparison exists between the 2.  The question was whether Pryor would ever be a starter.  I think yes, and I think what Newton has been able to do as a rookie speaks to that.  Newton has had some great games and some stinkers, which is the case for most rookies, but he is the starter.  I think given a few years to watch and learn that Pryor will get a chance to be a starter.

vacuuming sucks

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In addition if you compare their final years in college football from a passing standpoint they are very comparable statistically.

Newton had 30-7 and 66% completions

Pryor had 27-11 and 65% completions

They are similar types of athletes.  Newton has a more natural throwing motion, but Pryor is still an incredible athlete in his own right.

vacuuming sucks

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Terrible trade by the Raiders, but at least it's really a first and a second (The Raiders need to win a playoff game to make the 2013 a first).  Palmer has been done since the elbow injury.

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In my opinion, Palmer has been done since he  was getting his ass crushed every week because he had a bad line.  After Braham retired and Anderson was released, the line just got progressively worse. He was constantly getting pounded.  Then he became Bengalized. 

Everyone is excited about this young team right now, but give them about 4 years with that franchise and see what you have.  Disgruntled players and squandered talent.  They are great at turning tremendous talent into guys who never lived up to expectations.

I for one loved it when Palmer told Brown I'm not playing.  He got exactly what he wanted, the hell out of Cincinnati.  Brown got a honey of a deal out of it though.  It's pretty telling when a guy is willing to leave 50 million behind if it means he's free from your franchise. Whether it be through retirement or trade.

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Ever since his ACL tear I think he's been a different player. If he doesn't get injured against the Steelers, they win that game and go on to win the Super Bowl that year. 

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He has been but if you look at his line from that point on, it continued to get worse.  He rarely got touched that season before the ACL tear, that's when he was being compared to Manning and Brady, then progressively he got his ass beat more and more every year.  Broken nose here, Elbow injury there.  It just got worse and worse.  I think a fresh start somewhere else will be just what he needs.  He's still realtively young, and has a chance to put a few more good years together.

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The elbow injury completely depleted his arm strength.  He can't do the same things that made him such an unbelievable talent coming out of USC.

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Newton and Pryor aren't even in the same ball park.  I do think Pryor is the great runner that Newton was, but Newton threw/throws so much better.  I believe Pryor may have seen some snaps at QB if Boller was left the starter for very long, but since they traded to get Palmer, I don't see Pryor playing QB anytime soon.  Campbell was having a great year, and I have a feeling Palmer is going to really good out there. 

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I disagree, from the tapes Newton does throw a prettier ball, and his doesn't have a tendecy to drop so much because his release is better (Pryor has that shot put release). Because of this Newton's short passes are better, but in my opinion they're pretty much equal in the intermediate game, and Newton's long ball seems to fade on him, whereas Pryor has a better long ball.

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I wonder what future convicts my Bengals will choose to make this deal moot...

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newton is doing better then pryor because he has no pressure with 300 grand already in his pocket

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This is a great deal for the Bengals. They unloaded Crybaby Carson and got a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick. I'm rooting for the Raiders to win a playoff game so the 2013 pick becomes a 1st rounder. The Bengals signed Thomas Howard and Bruce Gradkowski in the off-season, and now they're raiding Oakland's draft cabinet while sending them a whining bum who pads his stats against prevent defenses and who threw 20 INT's last season. It doesn't get any better than this.

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8 years of putting up with the Bengals crap is enough to make anyone reach they breaking point.  I'm betting Carson Palmer does pretty good out there in Oakland.  Maybe the Bengals use the picks well or maybe they pick a 400lb lineman again or an RB with the bone structure of an 80 year old lady. 

It's amazing how beloved Bengals players who stick around long enough become hated, and are crybabies or whiners.  TJ was always applauded for being tough and such a great player, then he wanted to leave and he's a whiner.  We know about Chad, now Carson.  Hell even Boomer got labelled after his 2nd stint with the Bengals.  Corey Dillon too.  He never seemed to be a problem for New England fans.  They all get fed up with Brown and his BS.  Give em 5 or 6 years and Green and Dalton will be fed up with the futility of being a Bengal too and we'll be calling them crybabies and whiners too.

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i agree with this to an extent, but i shed no tears for carson. also have fun in oakland i guess, i hear that's one tight ship they run over there

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I don't feel sorry for him, but he ultimately got what he wanted.  A change of scenery will probably do him well.  No doubt the raiders are pretty much as Effed up as the Bengals.  I think he'll do well out there, and the Raiders improved by adding him.  Especially when Boller and TP were now your QB's. 

He gave the Bengals a lot of great games.  He took quite a beating too.  I like the guy, he did a lot good things in the community.  One time he was signing stuff at a bank here in Northern Kentucky and some friends of mine went.  They said not only did he sign autographs for 2 hours(WHich I'm sure he got paid for), but he actually talked to the people who stood in line for hours waiting. Let them know he appreciated them.  He's a good dude. 

The Bengals have the QB they want now, they got a lot for Palmer, and for once Mike Brown makes a football move that makes some sense.  Hell has officially frozen over and maybe it is a sign that 2012 is indeed going to be the end of the world lol.  Earthquakes, Floods, and Mike Brown doing something that makes sense.  The end is near folks. lol

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It seems that Mike Brown is still paying for his years of mismanagement following the death of his father. But the franchise clearly turned a corner when Brown hired Marvin Lewis. They're not the Steelers, but they're not Matt Millen's Lions either. In pre-season, when the Bengals acquired Nate Clements, I saw a comment on the yahoo sports article that said Clements was being sent to NFL purgatory. But in reviewing the last 6 years, the Bengals have won their division (and thus earned a home playoff game) twice during that time while the 49ers (the team that Clements was departing) had not sniffed the playoffs at all in that time. This was despite the fact that the Bengals played in arguably the NFL's toughest division (the Steelers have gone to 3 Super Bowls and won 2 in that time period) while the 49ers played in the NFL's weakest division. The Bengals of the last 6 years are an above average franchise, and so we should give credit where it is due.

Two years ago the Bengals won the division by taking the ball out of Palmer's hands and running it most of the time. The only time Palmer threw a lot is when the team was trailing late in the game and he prospered going up against those prevent defenses. After that season, and after the Bengals re-signed him to a lucrative deal, Palmer asked management to get him some better receivers and a good receiving tight end. The team responded by drafting Jermaine Gresham in the first round (stud TE) and Jordan Shipley in the 3rd (excellent slot man). They then signed T.O. (again, after Palmer requested it) and retained Chad Ochocinco. And then they changed the game plan so that Palmer would be throwing more. The result was 20 INT's (5 run back for TD's) and very little production until late in the game when the team was trailing (again, going up against prevent defenses). It was a year of "no excuses" for Palmer, and he struck out. After that, he has the audacity to demand a trade and then petulantly sit out when his demand is not granted.

Good riddance, Carson. That being said, I would gladly welcome back T.J., and I never called him any names. As for Boomer, he returned to Cincinnati eventually and most Bengal fans I know still revere him as they do Ken Anderson and other greats from the past. But Carson Palmer will never be in that category because of the way he has handled this. If he felt like he was "fed up" with the Bengals, maybe he shouldn't have signed that big contract less than 2 years ago.

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I thought it turned a corner with Marvin too, especially when Brown gave him some power, then he slowly started taking back the power.  I'm totally apathetic toward the Bengals.  I don't spend my money on their apparell, parking, tickets, nothing. 

As for turning the corner with Marvin, he's their all time winningest coach, and still has a losing record, 5 below .500.  Sure during his tenure the team is better than they were before, but making the playoffs 2 out of 8 years should be the norm in the NFL where salary cap and revenue sharing even the playing field.  Those 2 seasons were also the only 2 years the Bengals finished above 500.  They also had 2 of the old standard 4 win years and the rest were 8-8 and 7-9 years.  I guess mediocre football is better than bad, but it's still not anything to pat Brown on the back about. If anything it shows how good of a coach Marvin is with all the BS he's dealt with here along the way.

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I don't mean to sound like I only care about a winner, that's not the case at all, I'm a Reds fan lol.  I just want to believe in a franchise that wants to win.  I don't believe that's the case with the Bengals.  They do nothing from an organizational standpoint to prove it.  1 Scout, no GM, pretty much anything with their front office is grossly understaffed, they don't have the model of a successful franchise built to sustain real success.

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The front office might be understaffed, but have they not drafted well the past few years? Dalton and Green are both outstanding players already, Jermaine Gresham and Jordan Shipley have played well (before Shipley got hurt), even Andre Smith is coming around. Meanwhile, they went out and signed guys like Thomas Howard, Manny Lawson, Reggie Nelson, Bruce Gradkowski, and Nate Clements in free agency this past year. All of them except Gradkowski are playing well (he's a backup), despite the misgivings I had about some of them (especially Nelson, who was a bust at Jacksonville). 

I don't believe you are truly apathetic; I think your inner Bengal is aching to come out.