The New Jared Sullinger

By Alex on September 15, 2011 at 10:10p

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Colin's picture

Wow he's gotten thin! But it makes me wonder if he will still be as effective using his body down low with that smaller frame.

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Hopefully be didn't lose dat ass.

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I think if you're born with a booty, you never lose it. 

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"You can do side bends or sit-ups, but please don't lose that butt"


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Rick Muscles has been squat coaching Sully. No worries.


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I saw this on the ozone a few days ago. I was kind of distracted by the jacket-around-the-waist look for Sully.

Nick's picture


I saw him outside the stadium, he was with Chris Jent at the game.

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Jared must have given up his pizza rolls.



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Is he really 6'9?  Seems to me he looks in the 6'7 range.  I hate how programs inflate height.  Just like Pryor - 6'6 his whole career and then get measured for the NFL and is 6'4 and change. 

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According to the coaches, he was 6'9 in his sneakers last season.  Satch says that he actually grew an inch last season, and now stands at 6'10 in his sneakers.  Doesn't really seem like 6'10 to me, though.

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And Baldwin is listed at 6'4" when he clearly is at least 6'6". You can't go by the heights or weights that are listed.


Ethan's picture

Wow he's barely recognizable. Think he's still going to be as effective without being able to throw his weight around on the low post? 

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Sully's going BEAST MODE this year!

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Looking svelte

vacuuming sucks

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As long as he dropped bodyfat than it won't affect him at all. Fat on a frame does nothing but slow you down.Power, speed, quickness, etc come from muscle fibers.


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He posted a pic on his twitter feed last night, shirtless. Dude looked pretty ripped #nh

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almost as bad as Gred Oden's picture.....but I'd hardly call that ripped and your #nh comment is offensive

AeroBuckeye2001's picture

Relax. No offense was meant. I was sticking with a twitter meme that lots of these athletes use. 

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I'm pretty chill. Just because others use it doesn't mean it isn't offensive.

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What's wrong with saying the guy's got some nice hands? Ha   . . .