Howard, Hall & Brown received $200 apiece

By Ramzy Nasrallah on September 8, 2011 at 8:53p

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*slow head shake*

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Countdown to the outing of the former player who provided the payments, and the requisite death threats from Herbie's 5%'ers: 5... 4... 3... 2...

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Already started, quote from CFT:

"(Writer’s note: why is it that the players’ names are released in a very public manner and allowed to become the object of scorn and/or ridicule in these types of situations, yet at the same time the facilitators of these impermissible benefits have their names redacted?)"


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seriously..... names are names right?

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"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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It's cash. Anyone giving you cash without an earnings statement is just plain wrong. They have to know this. They have to know what the perception of Ohio State is and they also have to know how they are contributing to it. I am starting to develop a no tolerance mindset in regards to this stuff. I was fooled into the gift bag theory and somewhat defended these guys and I was so very wrong. If everything went down they way it was explained, and everyone has different stories, then its obvious that some lieing is taking place and you know, I have had it with these selfish ass hats who do this stuff. Based on the story I read, if true, 1 game is nowhere near enough.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I'm with you. This is intolerable. If it were a check made out by OXFAM or the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation I could see how these players might screw this up but a couple hundo's in the palm? Give me a break, they had to know that was bogus. Makes me so angry and disappointed.  Keep your effing nose clean and worse case scenario you get one year as a practice squad gimp in the NFL, money in the bank, then finish your degree and/or join us working stiffs ffs. GAHHH!

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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This isn't just an Ohio State problem.

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Totally agree. I bought the gift bag rumor and thought "here come the haters, trying to bring us down again, making mountans out of mole hills".  But now we come to find out it was CASH that changed hands?   There is zero excuse for accepting cash, especially given the circumstances of the last 10-12 months at OSU.  Time to make an example out of someone, a 1 game suspension is a joke in this case.   This is getting embarassing, and making it tougher to keep defending players. 

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enough is enough...kick them off the's Ohio State..we'll fill their spots in..i'm so fuckin tired of waking up, hunover nonetheless, and reading this shit.

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Honestly, I've believed from the get go that the Tat 5 was probably more liek the Tat 50.  This just makes me believe so even more.  The majority of the team is taking benefits and who can blame them.  Whether this happened after the NCAA trouble or not.  From the time these guys are Juniors in highschool they are getting loaded hand shakes and hooker parties on recruiting visits.  You can't expect them to just stop now because more eyes are on them now.  It's part of the dirty system that is college football. 

I agree it's completely stupid, but it doesn't surprise me one bit.  I also think, though, if the Miami players only get a 1 game suspension, these guys only deserve 1 game too. 

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I can see that point as valid, but neither is right.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I agree it's not right, it's just how it is, and I don't see anyway to fix it.

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I don't care what the Miami players get.  After everything that has gone down with this program, for players to take cash, they should be kicked off the team immediately.

This is going to keep happening, until someone is made an example of.  If someone isn't made an example of, then the hole program should be held accountable.

UGHHHH, this is so frustrating!

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That they got the money from a former player makes it all that much more frustrating.

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Honestly, there is no excuse. I'm tired of the bullshit. Make an example out of SOMEONE to show this won't be tolerated anymore. I'm sure we've got walk-ons or there are good JUCO players that would appreciate the scholly a LOT more, and we could bring to this team to fill any hole that might develop. There really should be a rule about paying back your scholarship if you knowingly break rules that cost your team real money, bowl appearances, or TV sanctions. I SO f'n tired of this nonsense.

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I just don't think making an example of somone is going to change anything.  With boosters, street agents, and fools who own local businesses wanting to be one of the guys, this shit will never stop.  It starts in recruiting and keeps on going.

I can kind of agree with what you are saying about paying back scholarships, but even then did Pryor really cost Ohio State money?  They made a boat load of cash off of that guy.  If you are going to take money from the guy because he broke a rule, then don't generate revenue from the guy either. 

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Maybe not make the kid pay the scholarship back, but if these guys can't understand the rules that are in place, or don't want to follow them, then they don't need to play major college football.

I know everyone thinks these players are getting taken advantage of, but I just don't see it that way.  If the NCAA wants to adjust the rules to make life easier on these guys financially, then fine, but the rules are the rules.  If you break them, there needs to be a stiff penalty, and personally, I am all for kicking people off the team if they are going to accept cash payments from boosters and/or former players.

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Well, thanks to the Tat 5 -- yeah, they did cost tOSU money -- over $300,000 that had to be given back from the bowl game. These guys are being well compensated as teenagers and (very) young adults for their services to the university. The cost of a college education, plus room/board, plus tutors to help them, plus access to a world-class training facility and trainers to help them advance their game and potentially make millions at the next level...

What's all THAT worth? Is that not enough to make it worth their while to follow the rules (which a lot of guys manage, somehow) and not screw the university that thought enough of them to say "hey, we want you to be one of us"?

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I don't neccessarily agree that they are being taken advantage of, but TP generated far greater than 300,000 dollars from the university, and he probably did so just off of the sales of the 2 pro combat jerseys that were sold with his number 2 on them.  These kids are student athletes as much as the athletic department is a non profit organization.  Sure they fund a lot of sports, but there are select few guys who are making themselves rich off of the football team and basketball team. 

I'm not one for paying college athletes, or thiking the NCAA is a joke.  I just believe at the level Ohio State is at we need to realize the majority of these players aren't here for scholarships or going to school.  They are here because they have to come here to get to the NFL.  Are we as fans willing to accept lesser quality on the field as a trade off for guys who are true student athletes.  Guys who always dreamed of putting on the Scarlet and Gray and would do anything to play here.  MAC schools are loaded with these guys.  Guys who were looked over by Ohio State because they weren't good enough.  I don't think the university is willing to sacrifice the revenue, and I don't think the fans would accept that inferior product.

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I knew it wasn't no damn gift bags. I called these three guys idiots for doing this in the first place..... now i REALLY think they're idiots!!! CASH!?!?! HOW EFFING STUPID ARE YOU!?!?! Like i said when the news first broke last week, IF SOMEONE WANTS TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING FOR FREE, DON'T TAKE IT!!!!! The program and university can't afford your stupidity anymore.

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I know it was with good intentions that people were suggesting that it might just be a gift bag or cheeseburgers... but these items don't total the amount of money implied by "less than $300"

Where there is smoke, there is almost always fire.  I was looking forward to T. Howard being the next great OSU DB... but now I can't say I support him playing for at least the first half of the season.

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They HAVE made an example of someone, his name is Jim Tressel. He got canned or "force-retired" and TP got ushered off to the No Fun get paid more.  These kids don't give a shit about the rules.  If there's a 60% chance they'll get away with it it appears some of these fools see that as an acceptable gamble.  Pathetic. Even a moderately savvy criminal  knows to lay low when the heat is all over you and your crew. These geniuses just keep on keepin' on with their hand out, how effing stupid can they be?  The more I think about it the more angry I get.  /Go to the happy place, self.

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Funny, though, that the trouble with players only surfaced with Tressel's kids though.  Did they make an example of him because it protected the program or did they make an example of him because he supported this kind of behavior?  Cooper had arguably more talent than Tressel during his tenure and you NEVER heard of improper benefits when he was the coach.  I know no one loved Cooper, he failed against Michigan , and he wasn't a hero we built Tressel to be, but perhaps, this has become such a problem over Tressel's tenure, because Tressel did create an environment where such behavior was not frowned upon.

We loved Tressel, and rightfully so, but I think it's time to accept that he wasn't so squeaky clean.  Since the Dohrman article came out, I kn ow it was easy to just brush aside as no big deal, or a piece of crap article.  I do however agree with a commenter above, where there is smoke there is certainly some fire.  Do I think Tressel rigged raffles at a camp?  I don't know but I could see it being a possibility.  Do I think Tressel knew players were up to something, absolutely I do.  It doesn't change my opinion of the man at all.  We know about everything outside of football, we know how he loved his players, and many were better men. 

Sometimes, to get ahead in such a sleazy system, you have to sell your values out a little to be successful.  If he were never successful on the field, he would've never been given the great opportunity to help others off the field that Ohio State gave him.  This is a long winded way of me saying, I truly believe these problems of improper benefits were a result of Tressel not policing them.  He turned a blind eye and acted clueless when approached about them.  We are reaping what he sowed folks. 

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Yeah, Cooper said something to the effect that, "Compliance was always around back then, almost like they wanted to catch us doing something wrong". Forgive me if I butchered his statement there, I'm going from memory.

 Hit FWD to 2001-11 and the culture seemed to change, compliance is...where? Tressel had too much suction at the  university, plain and simple.  Kicking snot out of UM and lots of winning will buy you that I suppose, but it shouldn't be at the expense of your good name.   I doubt whole truth will ever surface, probably a good thing, just gottta move on but it's impossible when this crap keeps happening.  

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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I get that too, but it's not like players didn't get in trouble at the major level back then when Cooper was the coach.  Tressel at Youngstown had the same problems back then as we're dealing with now.  That's kind of my point.  This stuff wasn't isolated to just the Tat 5.  I loved Tressel and was proud he was our coach.  He's paying for it now too.

I definitely would love to move on too, but I have a feeling this is stuff that will just keep popping up for a while.  I mean that for all of college football, not just Columbus.  There are people who have a clear agenda , that they want to expose this system for what it is.  Yahoo is the best, but others will keep digging around.

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There are people who have a clear agenda , that they want to expose this system for what it is.

I disagree. They want to expose the system for their own personal gain. It's the same gain that's messed up the system in the first place. They are no better than the kids they are calling out. In fact, you could argue they are worse because they should be older and more mature.

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So Wetzel and Robinson are just trying to get patted on the back not change the broken system that they are always speaking out against?  Maybe they get recognition for their great work, and to be sure they've gained from it, but the are one of the few voices that actually isn't affraid to expose anyone.  Ohio State, Oregon, Miami, those are just the tip of the Iceberg. 

They have several more articles they are working on about different programs.  If enough details of players hanging out with drug dealers at their tatoo parlor, or douchebags paying for strippers to get abortions after a player knocks them up the public may actually say, this is really Effed up.  Maybe, just maybe they could actually change how things are done.

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Sure the kids are stupid for continuing to do it, especially right now, but you can't expect guys who have been around 2-4 years an took whatever was handed to them, because let's face it there were no consequences, to just stop all of the sudden.  They probably thought 200 bucks, that's nothing.  Stupid yes. I'm not defending the kids actions, I'm just saying I can understand exactly why it's happening.  Also, what was the former player thinking handing them the cash?

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Please, be honest. This is for science.

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The names AND dates were redacted. We don't know when this occurred, just when it was uncovered. I won't play dumb and say it happened before the first 5 got in trouble (I'm not even sure if that is possible due to their ages), but I don't know that we can be so quick to jump on them for making this mistake after this firestorm really took off...

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I was hunting for a date, would like to know when this happened as well.   But based on the comment about "being approved in 2010", I have to assume it was early in 2011.  But I could be wrong.


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what event was this?  who was the idiot ex-player who thought that it would be ok to pay these guys!?!?!

not that it is going to make any difference, but i would like to find out who it was and what the event was.  there has to be a way to find this stuff out.  you can't tell me that 1) they didn't promote that ex-buckeyes would be present and that 2) there was a charity golf outing with multiple ex and current football players and the people there didn't post pics/comments.

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can we just stop this already? Who cares? they got suspended, did their time and whatever.  This shit is going on at every single D1 school. Every. Single. One. Period.

also, it seems like this incident was self reported. Which means the players probably came forward and admitted wrongdoing.  How bout a slow clap for saving a little face and showing a hint of honesty. 

Only thing I care about is results on Saturday.


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After all that's happened, they need to be on their best behavior.  We're not out of the woods as far as punishment goes yet... how about these guys wise up and don't give the NCAA any reason to reconsider what may end up being light punishments.  Not only that, the more that we get busted for, the more people are going to dig.  We can't afford to have the spotlight on us anymore.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Some of you guys need to take it easy, yes its a stupid thing to do on their behalf.

But who really cares.They're the ones who have to suffer the consequences not I or you.

You guys are screaming like this has an effect on your lives. Are these guys paying your bills? No. Are they taking care of your kids? No.

You have to realize its all about the the money now and days with everything especially with these young adults in college. It comes down to one big word, GREED.

Whatever happens happens, it has no effect on our lives at all. One idiot screws up, the next guy steps in and gets his opportunity to shine.