Glockner Hating on OSU Hoops Schedule

By Alex on September 27, 2011 at 8:57a

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I don't know how good or not they'll end up being, but it's not like Miami of Ohio has a history of suckage.  Pretty much any time they are in the tournament they upset a high seed in the first round.  I'm also surprised he knocks Louisville for WKU.  Western always has a good basketball team.  I get that they are directional/in state schools but I would think playing Western would be a tougher game than DePaul which is a conference game.

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It's S.I. and you guys should not be reading such trash.What would your mothers think.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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didn't even read it. the headline said it all, "idiots, dude.". it's not enough to play 3 teams that have won 5 of the last 6 nat'l titles(?)...


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The SI writer is under the impression that if its not a big-name school from a BCS conference on your schedule, then that team must suck. He know's nothing. He doesn't know that the good mid-major programs are pretty much on-par with the big boys. If we had Murray State on the sked, he wouldn't know that they are a very solid program based on his logic.

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that's my point about WKU, on a yearly basis they are better than the bottom half of most major conferences.  Plus, criticising a Big East team for playing a weak non conference schedule is ridiculous in my opinion.  When you look at the stretch of schedules some of those teams have, it's really rough. Look at Louisville's schedule last year they had some rough stretches.  At Villanova, then Marquette and St. Johns at home, the At Providence(loss, and weak team) but the WVU, @UConn, @Georgetown, Depaul, @ND, and the Syracuse.  Make it through that to finish up the year with @UC, UConn, @Rutgers, PITT, Providence, @WVU. Then the big East tourney. 

They would've made this guy's list last year too because of Drexel, Morgan State, G-Webb, WKU etc.  Although they played UNLV and Kentucky last year too.  I look at that schedule and think this guy is a nut.

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And i recall Drexel being in the tourney a few times in recent years. But according to SI, they suck, so it doesn't matter.

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I'm glad we as Ohioans can sift through the BS that SI puts out.  Judging schedules based on name-sakes is ridiculous.  Another "for instance" for this Joker....Wright State (Who yes, will absolutely BLOW this year) has beat Butler (the two time defending national runner-up) on multiple recent occasions.  He probably doesnt even know who's on these schools rosters, or how they finished recently.  Hell, a trained monkey could make these assessments.


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I was going to say I wonder how the dude feels about Butler.  He mentions Xavier but they are a small school from a smaller conference, would that be a horrible team to have on the schedule?  How about Gonzaga or St. Marys'. 

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Valpo won 23 games last year and VMI won 18. Not exactly cupcakes. Add those to Kansas, Florida, Duke and South Carolina and "lackluster" is hardly the best adjective to describe Ohio State's schedule. Are we supposed to have only Big East and ACC schools in the non-conference schedule? The road is hard enough when the B1G season starts.

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I've had a soft spot for Glockner ever since he patronized and belittled me on twitter for saying Craig Biggio having a worse career than Roberto Alomar isn't an open and shut case. Actually, what's the opposite of "soft spot"?

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The thought process behind this guy's article is exactly what pisses me off.  2 seasons ago Murray State had over 30 wins.  They met Morehead State for the OVC championship in the conference tourney.  Morehead had like 26 wins and all the media talking heads and experts said the winner of this goes the tournament and the loser goes home.  I was thinking WTF, both of these teams are better than over half of the field in the tournament. 

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Thing is, even with the loss of Kenneth Faried, Morehead State should be an even better team this year considering the kids they brought in last year and the incoming freshman this year. Morehead took UK to the brink last season considering they only had one starter over 6'5'' and that was Faried.

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I always laugh when Louisville or UK have been criticized for close calls against the likes of WKU, Murray, and lately Morehead.  Murray and WKU have always had very good teams.  You could easily insert WKU into the SEC for basketball and they'd finish middle of the pack or better.  WKU beat UK one year and everyone was pissed and talking about how terrible it was.  I was thinking WKU has a 7-3 center who led the nation in rebounding and could have been a starting center for ANY SCHOOL IN AMERICA.  One guy like that is all it takes to make your team competitive.  It was unfortunate because the kid could've been a great NBA player except he had the Greg Oden syndrome, injured all the time.  I think he ultimately had part of his foot amputated too, so it was really unfortunate.  Anyway, great talent goes to these schools. 

Miami of Ohio always had a chance with Wally.  Gary Trent went to Ohio U and they were a tough team to beat.  Xavier, before their recent success always had a monster player that made them tough, Tyrone Hill, Bryan Grant, James Posey.  Those guys were phenominal players. 

That's why articles like this tick me off.  Could you imagine if the UK, Ohio States, and Louiville's of the world didn't play these teams?  What kind of press would some of these very good, small conference schools get then?

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Obviously SI is taking a page out of the ESPN book of how to make money as opposed to how to be report sports with journalistic integrity.

UCONN plays the following teams:

American International
C.W. Post
Coppin State
UNC Asheville
Holy Cross

Granted a couple of those first games are exhibition, but you don't see their name in the grouping of so called "lackluster" schedules. The UCONN brand simply doesn't draw visitors to the SI website the way Ohio State does and therefore doesn't make them as much money.

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So you're saying CW Post is not your sleeper Cinderella? How dare you

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so glad I cancelled my S.I. back in late May ...

Glockner: what a tool ---- he used to be ESPiN's buttboy, now he's S.I.'s --- and, he looks like he's probably a reaaaally good athlete, btw, I bet he knows SO MUCH about basketball because he's probably played before, let alone any sport. Please, Glockner, you've never put on a jock in your life. These are the types of sportswriters ESPiN and S.I. covet.

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If you look at the article, he calls out 2 Big east teams, and 2(including UCONN) get an honorable mention.  He even goes after Duke as well as 2 Big 12 teams.  I don't think he picks on Ohio State because it makes more money for him to do so.  Ohio State's basketball fanbase is a far cry from it's Football fanbase.  So I would say the UConn's fan base from a basketball perspecitve is more impactful than Ohio States.

Look at the other schools he mentions though, none are known to be a program like UK or UNC where they have millions of fans.



Texas A&M



Ohio State.

Louisville is the biggest basketball program on that list, and probably has the biggest basketball fan base there.  Ohio State has a lot of basketball fans, but a lot more people who are very new to the party when it comes to basketball, or who only really care during the tournament when they have a chance to make a nice run. 

Point is, outside of Louisville, how many of these teams have really rabid college basketball fan bases?  Don't say UC either because that ship sailed when Huggs was shown the door.  The honorable mention section though, will generate more outrage than the schools that were called out.  Syracuse, Duke, and UCONN, are heavyweight  programs that blast all of the above schools, with the exception of probably Louisville, and as time goes by Ohio State is certainly growing into that elite type of program.