Brian Kelly: Grasping at straws

By Ramzy Nasrallah on September 12, 2011 at 6:41a

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Oh ya nothing to do with the million t.o's its the "Great" teams we've played.  USF at home and at a shitty Michigan team should be winnable for any solid program.

 I've never like this guy and this pretty much confirms it.

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Hey Brian Kelly....

Don't text while driving.

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Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Thanks Brian more reson to hate the whiny bitches that are ND fans (and apparently coaches too)......"we don't get that luxury", what a douche, but you do get the "luxury" of not having a conference schedule to deal with....suck a bag of dicks....

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Someone should tell Brian Kelly that Toledo is actually better than his team....

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That Toledo team is better than the one that beat MU a couple years ago, and definitely better than the current, defenseless MU team. Which also makes it better than ND. What an idiot.



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I will say that this year, ND's schedule is a bit harder than years past. They probably have 2conference winners on their schedule in USF and Stanford and games against USC and Maryland won't be easy. But here's the deal BK...simply playing good teams isnt enough. You have to beat them. Yet ND will always turn a bad loss into something more than other teams can turn a bad win into. Remember the Bush Push? If you listened to the ND faithful you would have thought USC lost that game. Just another in the long line of ND cry babys.


He is mad. Bro

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Ok Kelly, challenge accepted. Schedule us, we dare you. 

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STFU Kelly and quit killing kids.

Long live the southend.

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That's what I want from a leader; instead of being accountable, claim your situation is harder than someone else's, inferring it's "not my fault".  Spurrier has this mindset also, although he blatantly will throw anyone under the bus.

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Hey Brian, does it feel?


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Join the B1G. Then you can play Akron and Toledo in weeks 1 and 2 instead of Army and Navy in weeks 6 and 8. Or don't complain.

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LOL, he's a fool.  When he left UC for Notre Dame, I said he's this guy is not that good, at least not good enough to bring Notre Dame back.  I had friends talking about him taking the job and I for one didn't think Notre Dame would go for another questionable coach.  People around here were like no Brian Kelly is a really good coach.  I said yeah in the Big East!  Notre Dame didn't need another guy who could coach a great offense, they already had that.  They need to get a coach who can teach a team how to play D.

The game Saturday night was immensely entertaining but it proved that both of these teams are just not that good.

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Kelly is an idiot for saying that. I agree with Flava Flav, fight the power and join a conference. As it stands right now, their schedule has only 2 ranked teams on it, Stanford and Michigan St, who travels to South Bend this weekend. What's he going to say next Monday, after they are 0-3. Also, we will get a nice barometer of how good Toledo atually is, when they host Boise St. this Friday night. 

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I always get tired of hearing the we're Notre Dame our schedule is so tough argument.  They play perennial power houses like Purdue, Army, and  Navy.  Their schedule isn't that much harder than most conferences outside of the Big East and their loss to South Florida shows they can't even win that conference.

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Appparently Al Golden doesn't think much of us either. He just said that "I don't think they could have held any cards back" about how much we showed during the Toldeo game (according to a Gerdeman rt). This is good for us - if he thinks that is OSU at max strength, then he'll be in for a rude awakening on Saturday. 

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all our cards = suspended

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go back in your hole BeetFace....BeetFace has no composure.

It's easy to talk crap on OSU with one side of your mouth, when your program is afraid to schedule them or join their conference because you'd get embarassed again

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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This guy is a tool.