Miami's Shalala: Reviewing Eligibility for 15 Football Players

By Jason Priestas on August 22, 2011 at 6:22p

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Say what you will, but at least Gene Smith didn't appear to be reading from a teleprompter during his YouTube information dissemination.

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Dan Wetzel said tweeted today that he hopes the NCAA grants immunity to the players who currently at Miami in exchange for the truth. 

The tone of the media towards this debacle is so much different than it was for the past 9 months regarding Ohio State.  It's all sort of bonkers.

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The photo of Shalala looking down and grinning at the ceremonial check for $50,000 handed to her by Nevin Shapiro ought to be viewed as roughly equivalent to a photo of Gordon Gee smoking a blunt while receiving a full back tattoo.

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Wetzel is a tsun stooge.

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If you are Miami, why not play them?  This might be the last season the team gets to play for a bowl game for several years, let them play until the NCAA says otherwise.