"Maybe it would have been easier to list the teams that aren’t there."

By Jason Priestas on August 20, 2011 at 1:23p

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It'll be interesting to hear ESPN's spin on this.  "Nobody except reps from the CFL and a local Pop Warner team showed up to watch Pryor, the disgraced, murderous, QB from Ohio State"  They've been wearing him out with how poorly he is thought of by NFL "insiders", like that helmet-haired, half-wit of theirs.

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So, ol' dude clocked an unofficial 4.41 at 6-5/230? That won't hurt his chances.

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yeah, but he's slow because he's from the Big 10...  

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Maybe slow enough to play WR in the NFL.

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What happened to 4.33 lolz...4.41 still blazing.


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Ohio State has a fast track.

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I don't think he was at OSU's track or facilities.......

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Yeah, I know, he was up in Pittsburg. My comment was in reference to the 4.33 comment. 

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Still bitter, but I feel robbed and I'm pretty sure I'll feel the same come late January.

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