Bri'onte Dunn is Still a Buckeye... For Now

By Jason Priestas on July 6, 2011 at 11:51a

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"I just want a coach that can coach really well, has some good experience and a guy that can make a program great."

Hoke went 13-12 in 2 seasons at SDSU. [Didn't know this until a minute ago but they were only a combined total of 15 pts away from going undefeated last season. Never lost by more than 5pts :]

If he was to decommitt and sign w/ Pokey-Hokey then his statement here makes absolutely no sense.

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this is the problem with strictly a print interview.

Right Now.

does that mean that as of right that second (and going forward) he is 100% a Buckeye?  or, does it mean that he is a Buckeye for just that second?

i am going to take it the first way.

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Size-wise he looks remarkably similar to John Clay. Hope we get him.