Why Amir's Not Here...Yet

June 21, 2011 at 8:31a    by Chris Lauderback    


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Oops. I'm in Mexico this week. The damn internet connection keeps going in and out and while I can't explain it, I blame that on my cut/paste issues. Or it could be the tequila for breakfast. One of the two. 

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Real link: http://blog.dispatch.com/hoopsscoops/2011/06/amir_williams_arrival_delay...

The kid JUST took the ACT.... seriously? Shouldn't he have done that like, forever ago?

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It was his second try.

"It's just another case of there you are". ~ Doc (1918-2012)

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Hopefully there were more questions about twitter during his 2nd attempt. Dude tweets as often as I draw breath.