Strobel to Michigan

By Jason Priestas on June 10, 2011 at 5:13p

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wow, have to say that linking to this page is good for at least 1 thing: checking out what a bunch of ass-hats uM fans on the site

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aa is a hippie town.

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Anybody who would commit to missagain is a douchebag.

I can see not wanting to go to tOSU beacuse the thought of sanctions.

By why on earth would you wanna go up north?

It will take that program forever to actually make it to a bowl game, and they have sucked for so long. I would rather go play for a an actually contender.


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While this class has a long way to go until everything is signed and sealed, we may be in for a lot of this. It seems like Ohio recruiting between us and tsun is a zero sum game, and they're having their fun for now. But even if we end up having an unranked, not up to par recruiting class, I don't see one year affecting our long term success. Unless we're banned post season for 2+ years, then winning this year will bring recruits back next year. And why wouldn't we expect to win 9+ games this year?

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Listen, I understand their glee. If my team was approaching the 10th anniversary of the last time we beat our arch-rivals, I'd would treat gaining a single recruit as a win as well. Who knows? Maybe this kid will help get Michigan over the hump and make them a middle-tier Big Ten program.


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