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By Alex on May 17, 2011 at 4:20p

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Overall, I thought they were fair and not overly critical in their assessment.  

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I had objects at the ready to throw at the TV, but I was quite relieved that they were not needed.  What is disgusting though is how likeable Urban Meyer has become since he left UF. 

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True statement. He was honest (maybe for a change) and his question has been in all of our heads on all of our tongues.

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Perfectly good analysis of Tressel, the schedule and the suspended players. But there wasn't any discussion about the other returning players at all.

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I think we expected far worse from Robert Smith and Herbie, but I think this was solid overall....maybe Herbie has realized some of his flaws and is trying to actually be subjective instead of "overcompensating to avoid homerism"

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The only guy I whose point of view I disagreed with was Urban Meyer.

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I may be naive here, but why wouldn't everything during the week be the same.  Tressel is only suspended for games.  He will be running practices and that stuff.  Fickel will be there too, but he has his duties with the defense.  The Tattooed 5 will be practicing along with the team during the week, hell I would even have them there dressed on the sideline (if that isn't against the rules).  Tressel should travel to Miami and make things as normal as possible for the team.  As much of a detail guy Coach is I'm sure this won't be as big of a problem as Frosted Tips and the rest of the tslking heads are making this out to be. 

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If they are suspended I don't think they can dress and might not even be able to be in the stadium....they definitely will not be traveling with the team on the road

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Robert Smith, talking about the integrating of players back in to the team for game 6 "Tressel has him self to blame".

Well, actually Robert, the players are the ones to blame.  Tressel didn't sell their stuff, they did.  He has himself to blame for being suspended for the first 5 games, but not himself for trying to figure out how to re-insert them back in to the starting lineup.  Even if he'd reported last year, he would have still had to figure out the same problem, as they likely would have been suspended for the first 4 or 5 games last year.  Same situation, different year.

And another thing about Smith, talking about confidence in the coach eroding.  That guy burned OSU, what does he know about loyalty and integrity?  TRESSEL IS NOT YOUR COACH ROBERT.  He never came in to your family room and talked to your parents.  Read what EVERY guy who's played for Tressel has had to say about the current situation.  THEY ALL HAVE HIS BACK.  EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  Idiot.

Urban Meyer: "....blah blah blah...I have a real problem with that..." in regards to re inserting the Tat5 when their suspensions are up.  1 word for ya Urban: tough.  or 2: suck it.  We, nor the OSU staff, could care less what you think.  It's not your team, and hopefully never will be.

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Urban Meyer suspended B. Spikes for clearly, on video, eye-gouging a player, and suspended him for 7 minutes of the first qtr. Real man of intergrity to weigh in on such matters. His opinion goes as far in my book, as asking an Enron higher-up to teach a class on business ethics

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Perfect example Bski! 

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel