James Ross Commits to UM

By Alex on May 2, 2011 at 1:36p

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Well, he is going after the right players.

He has grabbed a few, would have been nice to take the best out of missagain.


"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

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The beggest "tell" for me in recruiting is when we get some of the guys that OSU really wants.  We've always gotten some kids from Ohio; we've gotten some great kids from Ohio.  Most of the time in recent years, we've gotten kids that OSU wasn't pursuing all that much.  Mostly kids that hadn't even gotten OSU offers.

We really should be getting (a) the cream of our crop instate, and (b) some of the OH/PA kids that Tressel reeeaally wants.  I think we'll do fine with (a).  (That's not always a given, because we have to recruit against Sparty, and there are a few h.s. programs here that have favored status with MSU and grudges with Michigan. )

As for (b), we are not getting it done quite yet, but Hoke's staff is working on it.

Yes, your chances with Richardson just got a LOT worse.  All that I wonder is how badly did Tressel want the two of them?  I hope that he reeeaally wanted them.  We're very happy to make our mark with the Orchard Lake St. Mary's Eaglets.  That's the school that sent Bolden to Penn State.

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I think Richardson is probably most desired for us out of the 3...Jenkins-Stone wasn't offered by OSU, while Ross was, but I think the staff cooled on interest just a bit after we stole Shazier from Florida last year and have a log-jam at LB.....CB/S is a NEED next year and I think Richardson is high up on the list...the Bucks will end up with solid players there, but I would be SHOCKED if Richardson ends up anywhere but UM, especially since his two buddies committed already

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Right; word on the street is that we're looking good for Richardson now.

And I should add; if the Wolverines seem to be feeling a bit cocky about some of these recruits, it is NOT because we feel like we were stealing prospects that the Buckeyes needed -- rather, because getting these in-state Michigan kids who are 4- and 5-stars hurts MSU as much as it helps us.