Report: Dorian Bell Transferring to Pitt

By Alex on May 9, 2011 at 5:53p

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William's picture

Really is a shame, seemed like he was beginning to come on in spring practice this year.

Hootie159's picture

I'm curious to see if and how this impacts Ejuan Price

Alex's picture

I was thinking the same exact thing hootie. I can definitely see him transferring to Pitt if he's dissatisfied after a few years

Jason Priestas's picture

I'm just glad we have depth at the position. Would have loved to see him on the field (in 2012), but if the kid is homesick, he's homesick.

Conroy's picture

Five star talent, one star brain.

blazers34's picture

damn. the football program cant get any good news lately

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through the wise words of pat fitzgerald: stars are overrrated

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Who coaches at a program that pretty much maxes out at 8/9 wins and a middle tier bowl.  Stars are very important.

Colin's picture

And fortunately we have plenty of them, especially at the linebacker position.

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Bell will be very disappointed at Pitt. I heard the weed they get there isn't worth a crap.

Long live the southend.

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Anyone else feel like the strike-out rate for character issues is much higher on the really highly ranked recruits? I guess Tress doesn't do the character vetting quite as hard when someone is a top 100 prospect as when they're some unknown 3-star.

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I expected a transfer as soon as he was suspended for the 2011 season.  He would have used up a year of eligibility sitting out the season at OSU as he already burned his red shirt year.  I think he now will have to sit for one year before he can play at Pitt (because of transfer within division rules), but he should retain his year of eligibility.  Could be wrong on that - anyone know for sure? 

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Ya.  Since he is transfering, his suspension doesn't count and his failed drug test (Or whatever) count is reset to 0.

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I believe once he sits out this year, he will have two years remaining of eligibility. 

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ESPN saying that Tress doesn't know anything about a transfer, and the new Pitt coach doesn't want players who've been in trouble elsewhere.