A Vote for Bauserman

By Luke on May 4, 2011 at 9:34a

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Her last point is especially solid. It would be hugely demoralizing to the offense if Braxton was benched for a senior who couldn't beat out the true freshman. I doubt the offense could rally around Bauserman if he came off the bench like they could if Braxton came off the bench. And from Braxton's perspective, if he were to start and struggle early, it could seriously hamper his development by setting up a self-perceived cognitive limit on his abilities to lead the team. I think we don't consider the mental aspects of development enough, and perhaps that would be JT's logic for starting Bauserman, even though Braxton far surpassed my own expectations this spring.

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Her points are valid, but rule of thumb for coaches is thus:  An underclassman who is as good or better than a senior should get the nod on playing time. 

At this point, Bauserman is one and done (or we probably should say 5 games and done).  He may be able to help or at least survive in the first five games but there is very little upside for him down the road.  Let's just assume that Pryor will start against Nebraska.  And, we all know that Pryor has a propensity for getting dinged.  Maybe it will happen this year, maybe not.  But in game 10 or 11, who would you want to bring in for the next game?  Bauseman, who we all know is at best a game day back up? Or a young Buck that has benefited beyond belief in the first five games of the season (win or lose)?  My guess is that JT will opt for the young Buck based on what happened Pryor's freshman year.  That year JT opted for Pryor because there was more upside with him for the future.  And, with all the Tat5 crap coming down this year is shaping up as a development year for subsequent seasons. 

I don't know which young Buck it will be. It may be a mix of all 3 young Bucks to let them all get their feet wet.