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Comment 22 Aug 2012

The tone read as "you like that show? That show sucks," but glad to better understand you weren't merely using the show as just a vehicle to take a pot shot at another commenter. And your cliche was mopped clean by The Adjustment Bureau, but I mean. Really, I have waterfront property on the Olentangy to sell you if you're surprised by its bent.

I actually "like" the show? I think two or three of the episodes have been nearly great (though admittedly one was full on recycled from another Sorkin vehicle) and shows its true potential but a few of the others (including this past Sunday's) are so bad, "hate watch" is a favorable description of what undertaking them was like.

Comment 22 Aug 2012

I think it's completely within reason to think the absence of Glass-Steagall created a regulatory environment that encouraged banks to be more risky without falling into a quid pro quo fallacy.

There are plenty of valid criticisms (of which you dismiss in favor of championing the worst actor in a relatively strong ensemble cast) of The Newsroom that don't involve over simplifying the subject matter or creating false dichotomies where you dismiss it for falling to (paraphrase Sorkin) go on a mission to civilize and engage on high level topics at the level of Bloomberg or The McLaughlin Group.

It's a tragically flawed show, but shitting on a fellow reader for enjoying it in lieu of its shortcomings by playing tired cliches seems the wrong way to go about doing it.

Comment 04 May 2012

Tons of credit to Ramzy and Urbzrenewal for getting Waugh on compliance's radar before anyone else. It would seem pretty open and shut, but hopefully Kentucky State Police can ensure he doesn't come close to dialoguing with any underaged kids ever again and the university can make this into a real teaching moment.

Comment 12 Apr 2012

This is the stuff dreams are made of. Okay, fever dreams, but dreams none the less.

Comment 29 Mar 2012

Thanks so much for the kind words, y'all. Look forward to seeing you when I see you.

Comment 18 Feb 2012

Something can be both inappropriately racist and a mildly clever turn of phrase. ESPN should know better as one of the leaders in their industry, but given how often they placate to the lowest common denominator, I'm not sure it should be any kind of surprise.

Comment 17 Feb 2012

He could be for them what Taylor Price was supposed to be.

Comment 17 Feb 2012

I miss Raising Cane's all the time. In the spirit of Elika, the random Columbus place I miss that I can't get in this moment in time is Mad Mex, though I also routinely miss Adriatico's and Smokin' Joe/Hounddogs.