National Football Post Says Pryor Might Enter the Supplemental Draft

By Jason Priestas on April 11, 2011 at 1:42p

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I kind of hope he does. I think the continuity of the following season would go smoother, and I do anticipate some growing pains. I appreciate what he has done for us at Ohio State but his time here has been a little stressful. (Insert TP accomplishments here) He has been a "Prima donna" from the beginning. He is a distraction but a talented one at that. I have stated this for close to two years, even before the tattoo scandal broke out. From the Tats - to the comments - too the speculated car gifts, there is a bad aura that floats around him. I don't deny that he has accomplished a great number of positive things at this campus and I don't want this to sound as negative as it seems but I wish him the best at the next level. I just hope that BM or the next big thing doesn't come in thinking he is the next big thing. I don't know how Braxton will work out. Maybe he will have more or less success than TP. So far, I like the demeanor and all of the hype surrounding him wasn't created by his own "Off the Field" actions. 

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I can definitely see what you are saying, but at game 6 if this team somehow finds itself 5-0, I would love nothing more than TP to be taking the field against Nebraska than any of the other options.  Think of how awesome it would be if Tressel and the Tat 5 flipped the rest of the college football world the bird by coming back and going undefeated.

As for TP's personality and off the field stuff I'm just not so sure he's much different than Troy Smith was.  Troy wasn't affraid to run his mouth on the field, or jump someone's shit on the sideline.  I loved Troy don't get me wrong, and he was a better QB than TP is so maybe that gave him a pass with a lot of the fans.  Really, were they that much different?  To be sure Troy was a great leader, but at the end of the day wasn't he another entitled player who didn't think the rules applied to him as well?

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Yeah, I agree to some extent. I think it was the one incident with Troy and there was no hype with Troy in the recruiting process. There was no delayed decision soap opera. There was no "That school is too country"; "this is so easy just like High School"; "if I was in their system I would rule", or the most egregious " everybody kills people, lies steals from me steals from you" either. Ooops almost forgot the accurately but inappropriate, "Fake Buckeye" comments too. Compound the mouth with the Vehicle speculation and Tat Gate and I quickly become overwhelmed. I think a lot of that has to do with my character though. I have always been a talk small but carry a big stick type guy. I have to catch myself because I constantly catch myself focusing on the negatives. Thank you TP for your contributions in the Big10 Championships. Thanks for the Wins over Michigan and thanks most of all, for beating the entire SEC.   

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I think overall that's kind of the general attitude toward TP or other athletes people in this part of the country have.  I love the Reds, and while Joey Votto is my favorite player, I love Brandon Phillips.  People around here love him or hate him.  They think he showboats or runs his mouth(Although his comments about ST. Louis are what fired up the team to take that division last year). I think if they are in a different market, or conference, people don't criticize the guys nearly as much.  I'm not saying it's a bad thing to value modesty at all, I just think that's why in this part of the country we have a hard time with guys who aren't the most modest guys on the field.

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Maybe being a mentor to Braxton Miller is exactly what Pryor needs to help his maturation. If so, I wouldn't want him to miss out on that experience for the world.

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I am a little nervous about Pryor rubbing off on Miller. If all they talked about were X's and O's and Pryor could share his growth and experiences with Miller, then that would be great. I am worried about all of those mistakes though. Does Pryor view them as mistakes? I know he apologized to Buckeye nation but I wonder if he weighs things on terms of "what I can/can't get away with" or right and wrong? I know I sound hard on him and I don't expect perfection but I am not as comfortable with him as a role model just yet. I said the same things back before Tatgate caught fire and everyone and their brother defended him. I wasn't so wrong now it appears. I don't know what it is about him that makes me leery. I wasn't this critical of Smith and he took money. That's drastically different than selling your own property. It is probably just a compilation of everything including the recruitment of him that has jaded me. Regardless I want to say thank you to him for the hard work he has put in at our school.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I'm a TP lover and defender overall, but I do think that TP is the perfect person to mentor Braxton.  Braxton is a huge recruit to hall in, not as high profile as TP, but probably one of the highest heralded QB recruits we've had, if not the highest outside of TP.  So, who but TP can prepare him for living up to expectations and how to handle the pressure when everyone comments on everything you say or do. 

All indications are that Braxton is a pretty mature kid.  If that's the case he'll handle himself better in interviews and off the field.  A couple of misinterpreted comments in interviews and Twitter have shaped most people's perception on Pryor for 3 years.  This stuff was well before Tat Gate.  I think Braxton will be just fine.

Plus, If TP is the self absorbed, ego-maniac most think he is, he won't mentor his replacement.  He'll give him the treatment Brett Favre did Aaron Rogers and say it's not his job to mentor the young guy, and we won't have to worry about it.

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Stewart Mandel says the story is "bogus"

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I concur!!1!


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This isn't the first I have read about TP and the supplemental draft.  Of course the comments were from a USC honk, but they have been out there for a while.  In fact, Adams and Posey were mentioned too.  Especially if the appeal was denied.  I sure hope they stick around, but with these guys I won't be completely shocked if they try to make the jump.

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