Bri'onte Dunn Has Re-opened his Recruitment

By Jason Priestas on April 26, 2011 at 9:23p

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Sounds like he got a good look at Rod Smith at the spring game...

Jason Priestas's picture

That, and a healthy dose of negative recruiting from the boys in Blue.

Alex's picture

Looks like Dunn is still on board but will visit um....stay tuned

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Yeah, Greene is saying he's still committed to OSU:

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Seems like a problem of semantics: I think there's a difference between "de-committing" and "re-opening his recruitment" - you can still be verbally committed to OSU and talk to other programs, right?

Seems rational to me that a recruit might want to check to see if other doors will remain open for him elsewhere, especially if part of the appeal of playing for OSU is Coach Tressel himself and the perception exists that Tressel might not be here in 2012 .

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These kinds of rumors are going to be common place for the next year.  And, media outlets are going to run with them without confirming.  Funny that they all attack Tressel for being dishonest, yet if they applied the same diligence to their reporting as they expect from Tressel none of this crap would ever see the light of day.  Double standards abound.