Beano: Urban to OSU in 2012

By Chris Lauderback on April 22, 2011 at 2:57p

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This is the same Beano Cook who said Penn State would dominate the Big 10 when they were added to the league.  As I recall he stated that no team in the Big 10 even came close to the quality that Paterno had at Penn State.  There were numerous other laughers that he predicted, so many so that most of us, like Chris, don't even know he is alive.  Mostly because no media source is giving him any credibility. 

He is merely jumping on the "Urban at OSU ship" that is being bantered about my many who don't know much about anything.  One thing is for certain, if these off beat precitions keep popping up we can pretty much guarantee that Urban will not coach at OSU - remember what happened with KH predicted Les Miles would be Michigan's next coach?  Said he had inside information.  That was enough to scare the powers at UM to jump on RichRod's band wagon. 

We need to just let this play out and leave the prognosticating alone. 

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It's not a hard prediction to make really.  He'll be the highest profile name out there, he's from Ohio, he loves Ohio State, and if JT doesn't survive this mess(I hope he does, but appears he is going to be the sacrificial lamb) the first guy Ohio State will talk to is Urban.  I suspect it's going to make a huge portion of Ohio State fans extremely happy as well.  I'd much rather have Tressel, even with controversy than Meyer myself, but there's no doubt that 2 or 3 years out of 4 Ohio State will be very good with Meyer at the helm.  I'll wait to hear what comes out from the NCAA before I jump to predictions and conclusions, but this prediction isn't too earth shattering, head scracthing, or utterly stupid as many of Beano's predictions.

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I agree, the only thing that Beano is going out on a limb to reach is the year.  Tressel is likely up to 2014 and then unlikely after that.  Urban to tOSU is just Beano repeating what everyone else is saying.

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Beano may be the least accurate prognosticator of all time.  He has all but ensured that Urban Meyer will never even visit Columbus for the next 20 years.  POWLUS!!

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Honestly we all owe tressel about as much thanks as Mo C.  He got us a title and for that I'm thankful.  I'm not thankful for having to sweat almost every game that year but hey a title is a title.  

That said I think they could find a better game time coach but never a better manager of the program.  He's a class act and either way Ohio State would have a great coach and a guy that loves OSU.

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I like Jim Tressel. But if he gets shitcanned, I can't think of a more perfect coach for OSU than Urban. IMHO, it would be a match made in Heaven. Coached at BGSU. Knows Ohio. Knows the state of Florida, and could recruit there. And has a former assistant coach from the Gators already at OSU.

My only real concern with Meyer is if the heat gets a little hot in the kitchen, is he going to jump ship as KH did, and he did at UF? Also, I'd like to have a coach that this is his final destination, not a stepping stone to the NFL(Saban, Harbaugh, etc.), and I don't think Meyer has any interest in that.



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I hope not. As good as Urban is, he comes off as kind of a douchebag. Yelling at a reporter for asking questions he doesn't like, whining in public to get his team in the BCS. Never mind the fact that half of Florida's team seemed to get arrested while he was there (and that was much less of a deal than selling their own stuff...).

I think he'll win a ton if he comes here, but I'm just not a fan.