Urban Meyer to Columbus?

By Jason Priestas on March 22, 2011 at 12:36p

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i understand the circumstances..i just still can't see this team without Jim Tressel anywhere in the near future..kind of actually pisses me off honestly

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Coach will be at tOSU as long as he wants.  Leaders lead and that is what Tressel is, a leader.  Now, in 2014/15 he might hang up the sweater vests and retire.  That could open the door for Meyer.  We all have to admit that Urban is one hellava coach.  He has had success wherever he has gone.  Growing up a fan makes it a pretty good fit.  Will the fanbase accept him?  Probably not.  Especially since he trounced us to win his 1st MNC.  When Tressel retires and if Meyer gets the job, I say the Golden Era of Buckeye football will keep on keeping on.

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If the dude can come in here and recruit like he did in Florida and win 2 titles anyone will take him.  You'd be crazy not to.  It'll be him or Big Game Bob.  I think Bob is a much better individual but Urban is more successful. 

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Yep. The OSU fanbase (like all fanbases) will accept whoever wins.

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His man Drayton already in Columbus

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My exact thoughts as i read that.

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I hope we never wind up with Urban and his eye-sore offense. Not to mention we've already had our own troubles with the law, we don't need Urban recruiting his usual thugs for us.

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It makes me sad to put this point of view out there but I could see Tressel doing what he might consider to be the honorable thing - i.e., serving his punishment and finishing the 2011 season with his guys (the Tat-5), and then retiring.

The question in my mind (assuming this scenario came to pass) is whether Meyer will have had enough time away from the game to be ready - mentally, spiritually, and physically - to get back on the grind.

I would absolutely love to see Tressel pull off the unbelievable this year, and stick around for as long as he likes - but I think the idiots in this town will actually expect the unbelievable, and if it does not materialize it is going to be a rough year for JT. The poor guy will probably age 10 years in the next 12 months.

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I think that Meyer will end up being our (Or Texas's) next coach, but not for a couple of years.

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I don't take the public pronouncements and actions of Gee, Smith and Tressel, at face value. This is big business. It requires not only damage control - it requires looking ahead. And if that means making "changes", Ohio State's administration will make them.  

It's utterly reasonable to imagine that a graceful exit strategy has been laid out for the coach - one that strikes a balance between why it must be done, affection, generosity and the sake of Ohio State football.. Nobody wants Jim Tressel fired. We will want him to always be a member of the Buckeye family.

But, in light of the fact of the date his contract expires, Tressel will likely have little time to undertake a restoration, post-sanctions. Better to ease him out, gently and with - I'm sure - certain generous inducements and guarantees. For if victories are erased (most importantly over Michigan), championship banners are taken down and bowl earnings returned - things will be worse for Ohio State, than they are now. If the NCAA lowers the boom and takes away scholarships, bans us from bowls and suspends the coach, the relentless momentum of negative publicity now underway, will send blue-chippers elsewhere and cost the program millions. This debacle and this decade could mark the abrupt - and ridiculous - conclusion, of Buckeye fortunes on the gridiron, for longer than we'd like.

Like baseball needed Babe Ruth, Ohio State may need Urban Meyer.   


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He's only worth bringing in if he has a good OC.  He lost Mullen and Forida wasn't nearly as powerful the the read-option.  Maybe Drayton could be that OC. 

Whatever, I don't care, I just want to see OSU with our incredible talent utilizing the read-option.  Whether it's Pelini, Meyer or some random other no-name out there.

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I don't think it is any secret that this is Urban's dream job, but I don't see Tress stepping down yet.

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Actually, I think he has been quoted as saying Notre Dame is his dream job.

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I don't know that I have heard that, but I am pretty confident he would take this one over ND.  He's had 2 chances at that job and hasn't jumped.

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A quick google search of the phrase "Urban Meyer dream job" turned up this link: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/92619-urban-meyer-notre-dame-still-my...

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I almost forgot.  I hear this writer is a hack that writes just for controversy, so he's really just looking for webhits, I think.

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F that. I don't care how many championships Meyer might win us. I don't want him as our coach any more than I would want Saban. I don't care who he rooted for as a kid or where he was born. Meyer had 30+ arrests of his players during his tenure at Florida. He made no apologies for the fact that he recruited thugs. Winning was all that mattered and all his talk of family and God seemed hollow. Unfortunately, this is sounding a little too familiar now.

After the Wisconsin loss, I posted a long, rambling essay on this site defending JT. I said that I could accept the conservative play calling, embarrassing losses, and horrible failures in the national spotlight for one reason: because we had a man of substance leading our team. I contrasted JT to Meyer and Saban then as well. That's much harder to do now, but that doesn't mean I want any less for the team.

Like many/most of you, I took the Tressel revelations very hard. I now feel like an idiot for defending him as something different than all the other coaches that lie and cheat to win. But like a family member that does something horribly stupid which brings shame to your family, you get over it. He's still part of your family after all. I'll get over this and just learn to accept that JT isn't exactly everything I believed he was. However, my expectations for running a clean program with players you can be proud of hasn't changed. I just don't see how you can have those expectations with Meyer as your coach.

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Tressel won't resign or be fired. Their initial transgressions might be similar, but Pearl coaxed kids into lying as well and besides he got caught in another lie (at least that's what many are speculating) following his teary-eyed confession. Besides  That is what ultimatley got him fired, being caught in another lie or transgression. Tressel will be fine and continue to coach this team.

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utter nonsense.

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It ain't nonsense, Uncle Billy.

It's business.

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It ain't gospel Hoody Goody, it's all speculation.