Tressel's Tipster Revealed

By Jason Priestas on March 9, 2011 at 6:41p

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the extra kicker: yesterday was Earle's birthday..

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Someone needs to go and light this guy's house on fire.

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the tipster?  i think he was trying to help

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Absolutely agree. 

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No, nobody needs to do that.



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Thanks douchebag.  Obviously, everything on the net is to be taken at face value.  

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As already said, you're an idiot. That kind of language, even in jest, has no place on this website.

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Well he was trying to help the team out.  Man these e-mails make Tressel look guilty as sin.  Not so sure the NCAA will keep the punishment just "as is" anymore.

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I don't wish to provoke; but what did attorney/tipster Cicero do, apart from try to let the Program, through Tressel, know about some bad news before it got worse?  I think Cicero was genuinely trying to help out OSU football, even at personal risk of breaking (?) the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct relating to attorneys.  I don't know.

What does seem clear is that at the bottom of this mess is Pryor, and his other involved teammates.

And for yet another countless time, the old adage that the coverup is way worse than the crime.

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Yep, they should have came out with it in the spring.  The players would have sat the first 4 games more than likely, then all would be well.  Now we are at the mercy of the NCAA.

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Maybe Tressel just really wanted to beat Miami. Shut everyone up and so forth.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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If anyone's house should be burnt down, it's the mf'ing leak in the athletics department.

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Wonder where we'd be if Cicero had simply CC'd Smith on the email?


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Dude's probably going to be disbarred for breaching confidentiality - it's not completely clear from the e-mails, but it sounds like this memorabilia dealer was his client, in which case he screwed up big time.


Edit to add: His website's down...

[Google cached version

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My thought as well.  He said in one of those emails that the guy came to him to discuss his options -- sounds like he was seeking legal advice to me, and thus privileged.

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I suppose it was only a matter of time. If you're the religious type, I'd keep him in your prayers. Power of forgiveness and all that.

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It appears Mr. Cicero represented Tommy Hoying and Mike Vrabel in an assault case way back in December of '95.