Tressel Apologizes in Canton Speech

By Jason Priestas on March 14, 2011 at 1:50p

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Eh somewhat of a curious apology.  Man punches another man in the balls.  "I sincerely apologize for the pain that your balls are feeling."  Not sure if that means he apologized for the punch, or the fact that consequences are now upon them.  This makes me think that Tressel still believes he is in the right, and that more revelations could be coming down the pike that exonerate him to an extent, and perhaps further implicates upper management's knowledge.

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99% sure Tressel didn't punch you in the balls.


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How would you know?  If he did, he'd keep it confidential.

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I see what you did there.....

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“I can’t talk a whole bunch about what recently has gone on because of the nature of the situation,” Tressel said. “I can tell you this, I consider all of you a part of Buckeye nation. ... What I would like to say to this part of Buckeye nation is I sincerely apologize for what we’ve been through this recent time. I apologize I wasn’t able to find the one to partner with, and perhaps handle our difficult and complex situation we have.”

"Wasn't able" seems to imply that he at least tried to find "the one to partner with" and maybe found the wrong person.  Or the person he did find wasn't capable.  I guess time will tell.

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Does almost every 'journalist' really have to throw in the proverbial negative slant?

Mr. Porter needs to pick a position regarding the fans love of Tressel.  In one breath JT's not good enough for standing ovations, but then in another, us fans are willing to kill for him.


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