Herbstreit Allegedly Moving to Tennessee

March 1, 2011 at 2:05p    by Jason Priestas    
We heard he'd been looking to get out of Columbus and that Austin was a city being considered, so this news, if true, isn't shocking. (Biddle/Twitter)
Source: @davebiddle


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Fake as hell.

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LOL Maybe it's more centrally located so he can fly to places quicker...or he just loves the SEC.

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There is a reason Central Ohio is used as a distribution hub for so many.  It's easy to get to places. I can't blame him for moving.  The way people talk about him is sickening.  I'm not even referring to the Fake Buckeye talk, but the rumors about his personal life.

Does the Classic go with him?  I really liked what he was doing here with highschool football.

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the dude just loves historic civil war battlefields

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Will he be like Madonna when she movd to Britian and pick up some fake ass southern accent?  Don't let the backdoor hit ya where the good Lord split ya Herbie.

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Herbie just wants to get faster. No biggie.

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I can't blame him for moving his family out.  Why should he subject his wife and kids to the criticism and outright nastiness? Can't blame him at all.



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F.A.B.streit has Columbus ranked #23 in his list of "Best College Towns to be a former Buckeye".

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It's hard to feel sorry for a guy that has made his own bed. When you act classless and not as a professional, while arguing with an immature college football qb, expect to get treated classless. When you sell yourself to something and forget what got you there, people do always take that lightly. I'm just glad to see he is heading to where his heart is, SEC country. Enjoy and so long.