Buckeye Vodka

By Luke on March 28, 2011 at 8:26p

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When is Buckeye Bourbon coming out? Sign me up!

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Would Buckeye fans support a spirit that would be distilled in KY lol.  Maker's Mark always makes special bottles, I'm sure someone with the university, or Tress/a former player could go to Makers and say we would like this bottle made, profits would go to this charity.  For the Keeneland meet last year they did a John Calipari bottle.  I waited in line at 2 different liquor stores and bought them so I could turn around and quadrouple my money on the things.

Prior to this year they would produce a collector's bottle for the Lane's End/Spiral Stakes at Turfway park too.  It usually involved the Reds.  It was really cool. 

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I like Buckeye Beer.  The tag line is: "When you're dry drink Buckeye!"

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Like that too, go through about 3 cases during the fall. And those concerned about my liver, 1 case goes to my father outside Columbus.
The only place I've seen it for sale, is The Andersons, in Toledo.
Buckeye Beer is made by the Maumee Bay Brewing Co.

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Oval Brewing Co. makes fine studs suds. They were at our tailgate last year and will hopefully be making an appearance again this year.

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Shamless product placement link. Can't blame ya. I do more for free beer.

PS you probably meant suds...

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Nah. He probably meant "studs". LOL!

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Distilled from the finest poisonous nuts on earth...