"All I know is that we won. Deal with it."

By Jason Priestas on February 14, 2011 at 12:01p
Bo Ryan's response when asked about Sullinger's accusations of being spit on. (via @bohnlein)

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Bo Ryan is a douche.

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At a minimum.

Johnny Hooker: "He's not as tough as he thinks". Henry Gondorff: "Neither are we".

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See you in March, jerkoff.  It is nice to see he finally went legit after running that car theft operation in Adventures In Babysitting.  Still a jerkoff, though.

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I've always liked Bo Ryan. I'm actually a little stunned he'd say something like that. For him to act like videotape would be able to capture one person in a court-rushing mob spitting on Sullinger is ridiculous. To follow it up wit a "deal with it comment" is completely unwarranted.


March 6th. Revenge. Can't wait.

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Apparently you don't recognize the brilliance of Bo Ryan and his ability to "Deftly" handle questions about whiskey's classless fanbase.


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While I hate what happened to Sullinger, I don't mind Bo Ryan at all.  Maybe he could've answered the question a little bit better, but in the end who really cares.  Does it matter that he didn't go all PC on us.  Is it perhaps because he's been witness to such things happening when playing at OHio State and other road venues?  Perhaps.  Bottom line if this were 3 or 4 years ago and no one used Twitter, we would have no knowledge of this even taking place. 

I don't condone it, and I do think spitting in someone's face is deplorable, why should Bo Ryan waste his time answering 1000 questions about that, and not answering questions about a great win his team just pulled off.  Fact of the matter is, it was not a Wisconsin player or Bo who spit at Sully, it was so idiot in the crowd, that honestly may not have even been a Wisconsin student.

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Here; I'll play the role of S.I.D for Wisconsin:

"Bo, here's what you do.  You say, 'Whover would do such a thing is an idiot in an otherwise great Kohl Center crowd.  I hope it was not a Wisconsin student or alum; we don't want any part of that in our Badger family.  No matter what, we apologize to Jared Sullinger and the Buckeyes.  They all played a great game.  Something like that shouldn't happen in our building and I hope I never hear of anything like this again.  We look forward to a rematch with the Buckeyes in Indianapolis.'   Okay?  Because if you say that, it is about a million times better for you, and the basketball program, and UW-Madison than if you say something crass.  Like, 'Deal with it.' "

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+1 You just passed Public Relations 101.

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I suppose that Bo Ryan's comment is in keeping with Wisconsin's storied tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. 

See, e.g. Michigan @ Wisconsin, Camp Randall, 1993.


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Classless POS.

Long live the southend.

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Bo Ryan and the Wisky fans have always been piles of $h!t  Jared Sullinger would have been well within his right to beat the $h!t out of that pu$$y that spit on him.

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Isn't spitting on someone considered assault nowadays?

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It's a battery, tecnically.  If you know you've got the flu, or some other communicable disease, caclulated to cuase great bodily harm to the victim, I suppose it could be aggravated battery.

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Madison has always been a hostile environment for visiting teams because of lack of crowd control by UW.  When the football teams of the 60's and 70's played there it was common place for the crowd to throw bottles, cans, anything they could get their hands on at the opposing team as they came out of the locker room tunnel. And, yes, spitting was as commonplace then as it is now.  Most visiting schools tried to deal with it through the conference, but little was done then, and I am sure little is done now. 

tOSU certainly has had their share of idiotic fans who treated visitors like crap, but for the most part the University and Columbus do go out of their way to police the situation.  There were many directives by the past University President to control crowd behavior.  Gee certainly carries on with that.  I am not close enough to Wisconsin to know if there is a current concentrated effort to control their crowds or not, but judging from what I have seen on TV (in both football and basketball), and Bo's comments one must have to guess that they fall far short of a passing grade in their efforts.  I have seen first hand the efforts of Columbus and Ohio State law enforcement to control unruly fans at football games.  They put up with very little.  I am sure that their efforts are duplicated at basketball games.

And, Bo's comments leave a lot to be desired.  M Man's post was right on target as to how it should have been handled.  I have never been a Bo Ryan fan, but I never really disliked him.  That has all changed.  Watching his antics on the court, and now this lame response have changed my barometer - he is now registering as a complete DB.  We don't know how lucky we are to have the likes of Matta and Tressel in Columbus.