Future Buckeye Shannon Scott Leads Milton to Upset Over #1 Oak Hill

By Jason Priestas on January 16, 2011 at 5:41p

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Nick's picture

Should be interesting Craft or Scott? Either way a weakness the past years is becoming a place of strength/depth.

BuddhaBuck's picture

Can't wait to see this diaper dandy in S&G. Love his scoring instinct.

We're going to be a really young team next year... but the added depth will be a nice change.

  • PG - Craft, Scott
  • SG - Siebert, Smith, Buford (NBA?...)
  • SF - Thomas, Weatherspoon, Thompson, Ross
  • PF - McDonald, Kecman, Ravenel (?)
  • C - Williams

I'm not going to kid myself and believe that Sullinger is coming back..... Buford is probably 50-50 for early entry... right?

Don't text while driving.

ERIC OSU's picture

Totally agree about Scott. Watched a little video on him and my first reaction was he looks like a taller version of Ty Lawson.. Great passer, good shooter and seems to love to move the ball up-tempo, which I love. Lawson was such a good point guard in college because of his ability to quickly go from end-to-end. Team next year should be a very fun one to watch. Bringin in two slashers in LaQuinton and Sam Thompson too!!

As for Buford, I think this will be his final year as a Buckeye. I dont know how much else he can prove at the collegiate level. I love Buford, but he's not going to take over a team single handely like ET did last year.  That is just not his style, he is and always will be a perimeter jump shooter, which is not a bad thing.  It will suit him well in the NBA; and he was already last year being labeled as an early 2nd round pick which I think should improve a little after this year.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see Matta go back to having two PGs on the court, ala 2006. Unless I'm mistaken, he likes to have two PGs in the game, but has been unable to do so since Conley leaving early set OSU back at the PG position. 

Nick's picture

I think that was more of having the best players on the court. Jamar Butler gets lost in all the great players we've had. Guy was a baller.