ESPN Postgame Video

By Jason Priestas on January 6, 2011 at 12:47a
The "Mark May Sucks" chant + booing May when he was interviewing Heyward (while Holtz is dying laughing) make this one you'll want to watch over and over. And over. (YouTube)

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This needs to be permantly saved under BUCKSHOTS

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Precious......   LMAO!

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Anyone willing to convert this to an AVI and share it with me somehow??? Unfortunately the video is not available in Germany and I desperately want to see it.

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One of the best parts about winning Tuesday night. Priceless.

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This video makes me love Dane even more, love Lou even more, and love Tress even more.

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Great video....Last scene ..Lou Holtz is giving Dane his telephone # (card anyway).

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I absolutely crack up every time I hear Lou start to giggle.  I mean it is like a little school girl.  So damn funny!

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Great segment. Only thing better is if Cam, Brandon or Bryant had leaned over and shit in May's lap.

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