Dave Brandon Might Have Stretched the Truth a Bit

By Jason Priestas on January 17, 2011 at 4:45p

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Yup, Brandon is trying to spin that Hoke was the first choice. Yet there are multiple reports that money figures were discussed with multiple candidates before they even spoke with Hoke. Fitz at NU was one of them, now Miles, and if anyone believes that Harbaugh was not offered the job they are right up there with dirt for their intelligence factor. Yet, Hoke may have, indeed, been their best choice overall. Too bad they had to go through all the others before landing on Hoke. At least now if he struggles in the early going scUM fans can be assured that Miles, Harbaugh, and Fitz did not want the job to begin with. And, you may be able to add Pinkel to that list as well.

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It's certainly interesting to see some Michigan fans turning on Brandon already. Whatever your thoughts on Hoke are, he is coming out of this looking a little disingenuous.