Your Prayers Have Been Answered

By Jason Priestas on December 17, 2010 at 10:50a

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Note to Delany:

While you're at it, get rid of the Carolina blue in the logo. Keep your effing alma mater's colors out of the Big Ten.

Long live the southend.

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In all seriousness, I really don't understand why they didn't use the Grange and Nagurski divisions.  They hit two schools with robust traditions that have fallen on hard times recently (Illinois and Minnesota).  Naturally they opted to use those names for the stupid awards they made.

As a hockey fan, I have to say that I really do believe that the Stanley Cup is the single best trophy I have ever seen.  Dripping with tradition, and the names on it are enshrined in the Hall of Fame when the rings are filled up.  There's just nothing like it.  I wish the Big 10 could do something similar.

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ooo don't we feel stupid now eh Delany?

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Actually the names have grown on me.  I don't hate them with a passion.  That logo on the other hand...

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I guess I'm the opposite. I can live with the logo, but the names will never grow on me.

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east and west simple delany has screwed this up enuff

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LOL I agree.  It's hard to get 90% disapproval even when you are trying.  I'd like to see the data that showed that this was a good idea.

I like Lakes and Plains, unless their expansion plan doesn't end at 12.  East and West is easy enough.

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I never cared to begin with as long as football is going to be played in those divisions whatever the f#$k they are called.

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That's what I say.  The logo and division names have no bearing on the Big 10 product.  As long as Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, and Nebraska are around, no one is going to give a damn what the logo looks like or division names are. 

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I want to know the 10% that approved it.

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Funny you should ask.  I emailed Delany this morning at around 9:00am.  I wanted him to know that at least one fan recognizes and appreciates what he has done to make the conference the wealthiest and the brand as well known as it is.

He called me at 9:20.  He thanked me for my "kind words" and told me that presidents, alum, trustees and AD's were consulted on the divsion names and logo and approved both.  While Delany is a very powerful guy, he doesn't make decisions in a vaccumn, which is why he seemed shocked over the "outrage' when the choices were approved whole heartedly. 

I have seen this guy be called arrogant, ignorant, pretencious, condescending, an asshole, an idiot, out of touch with reality and foolish.  And yet, while running the Big Ten, took time to call an alum/fan who thanked him for his overall efforts. 

As I said, call the divisions whatever, let's just play some football and soon.

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Pam, I just have one question for you.  Are you related to a former president or a Maphia King Pin or something?  LoL, you get the coolest letters and phone calls.  Or is it that you just take the time to contact these people in a well though, intelligent way?  You have the most interesting call backs/letters/emails.  I'm going to start writing Tress myself!

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I take the time number1.  Number 2, I always am respectful whether I agree with that persons position or not. He told me that his asst.( who answers every call) has taken so much abuse she has cried a few times at the things people have said to her and that he feels terrible about that. Everyone no matter what job they do, should be given respect.  Number 3, I make my notes short and to the point.  No one wants to read a manifesto.  Normally I send them rather than email, but I called his office and his assistant gave me her email and said she would forward it to him.  She told me to include  my #, but I didn't think in a million years he would actually call me.  Of course I never thought Tressel would give me tickets to the UM game on the 50 yard line, 4 rows behind the bench because I tried to help Antonio Smith get a job with my company either.  I am not connected, however I am the daughter of a man who believed in the power of the pen and as you can see, Dad was right as he always was (damn it)

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Ummm....Antonio Smith was no longer with the team then, right?

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Of course.  I read an article in the Dispatch about him and it mentioned he had a degree in Mech. Engineering.  I work for a consulting engineering firm in Princeton and we always need Mech. guys. 

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My guess is that she's just really good at Mafia Wars on Facebook. After helping Vanderbilt choose their coach on Facebook last night (ha ha ha laughed the Prince), it only made sense for Delany to call her.


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I am interested in your opinions of my suggestion:

1. Legacy / Heritage Division

2. Great Plains / Great Lakes (Take no credit for those)

3. x /o Division

4. Bo and Woody division. Yeah I know that the scope is too narrow and wouldn't be accepted.

I really like option number 1 that I came up with. I don't think arrogance surrounds those words. They also represent what Big10 holds most important.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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1. Seems like it still has one problem that Legends/Leaders does: Who's in which one?  Also, anything that's not geographical is going to be attacked at first (right or wrong) because everybody else does it by geography, even if the geography doesn't always make sense.

2. I like those, but would drop the "Great."  This is probably the best suggestion outside of East/West or North/South.

3. I personally like this, but it wouldn't be widely accepted.  Casual fans won't get it at first. It could catch on, but it's probably too smart for its own good.

4. I actually think these are worse than Legends/Leaders.  They're even more arrogant and alienating.

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I wondered from the outset why they didn't just choose to use the same logo the Big Ten network uses? That's actually a pretty cool logo.

A simple "East-West" or "North-South" for the division names is just fine. No need to fancy it up beyond that. Who the hell cares if the geographical reference isn't literally correct? We are a 12 team conference that calls itself the Big Ten after all...

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Settles it.  Lakes and Plains divisions.  Use the Big Ten Network logo or round the edges on the current logo.

Lock it up.