UConn Gets #89

By Jason Priestas on December 22, 2010 at 5:11a

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Nope not fair at all to compare

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I don't think so, it's not to take away from their acheivement, but do we consider Eddie Robinson equal to Joe Pa or Bear Bryant?  Do we mention Mt Union in the same breath as Ohio State, Bama, USC, etc?  I'll never discredit Pat Summit for the accomplishments she's earned, and I'll never say UConn doesn't deserve all the attention they are getting, but it's not at the highest stage in NCAA basketball.  It is certainly not comparable to UCLA's run.

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An achievement, yes.  But in no way comparable to the men's record.  The average margin of victory has been over 30 and only 2 have been within 10, I believe.  Just not enough talent in the women's game for all the hype surrounding this.  Then again, it was the 4letter that has been shoving this down our throats since they have a vested interest in the game.


One good note, maybe we can stop seeing Digger and the one highlight from his coaching career.

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You hit it exactly, imo. The fact of the matter is that while 89 straight of anything is impressive, there's just not any parity in women's college hoops therefore this is not comparable to what UCLA did. I won't argue the men's game didn't have anywhere near the parity it has today back when Wooden was running things but the competitive landscape in UCLA's era was far better than what UCONN faces today.

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yeah, i agree for the most part although i do think the recruiting monopoly that UConn and Stanford and Tennessee generally enjoy is similar to UCLA back then.

but really i just can't bring myself to care about this streak as much as espn seems to want me to because i just don't like women's basketball. it's not that they aren't athletes or aren't tough or are slow or whatever, it's just that the average size of players necessitates a lot of pop-and-shoot playing. some of the teams are very, very good at it, but it's also extremely boring to watch. i dunno. the sport is plenty developed, UConn has proven that. it's just that ultimately it's not nearly as interesting as the men's game.