Tressel to Turn in NFL Paperwork for Five Juniors

By Jason Priestas on December 14, 2010 at 12:33p

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I doubt any of them go

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I've been saying for a while now that Williams is most likely to go of that group.  Adams least likely. 

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Lockout in the NFL, they all should stay just for that reason.

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I agree with the Williams sentiment. He is probably one of the most ready athletes I see on the team. I doubt he gets draftyed for DE though. I know we are heavy at Running Back but I'd still hate to see Boom go. I didn't hold him in high regard for the longest amount of time and feel a bit guilty after seeing what he contributed to the team this year. I'd like him to stick around so I can make up for lost time. Obviously, I root for all Buckeyes to do well but I have more confidence in some than I do others. Posey needs to stick around to improve his stock, he has talent but not proven dependability. Adamas was able to showcase his talents for only a year and unless he has some type of injury that hes hiding, he needs to stick around to showcase his talents. One year of good play doesn't impress like several years of dependability. Obviously if he knows that he can't play at the same level next year and wants to cash in then that is understood. That is pure speculation, I just don't know why he'd want to leave after just one year of decent play. Brewster looks decent but I'd hate to see him leave. When they turn in papers that means they are testing the waters right? Pryor said he was coming back but I have started to perceive regression in his maturity and wonder if he isn't getting the ole salty demeanor. Folks that were on their way out in the military often have the "I'm on a short leash, I'm gonna do as I please mentallity." Again just speculation.

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I have no logical basis for it, but I just have a feeling Posey will opt for early entry into the NFL draft... and be drafted in the 4th or 5th round.

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Something to look at - where are the guys in their education and in their personal lives?

Most of the time when we've lost people early who weren't sure 1st-rounders, they were guys who were close to finishing their degree, who already had a family, that sort of thing. At least that was the case with Gibson last year (although he also was much more highly ranked than he was drafted) and Hartline the year before.

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Yeah.  Gibson was a 4th-year junior as well and a lot of times that plays a role.