Ohio State Shouldn't Let Offenders Play in Bowl

By Jason Priestas on December 25, 2010 at 5:08p

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Orlando Buckeye's picture

100%. I was thinking recently that JT should at least bench these guys symbolically for the first series. But that's not really enough.

Letting them play sends the message that bowl games are more important than the rules. The rules are stupid. But, when you break the rules you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Bench 'em. If they come back next year after the suspension, all is forgiven. If they go pro, that's their decision, no hard feelings.

Hopefully play KG and run all our backs. We still have our D and Great Dane, Hall, Saine, and Stoney. Maybe we can work some magic.

Play Bauserman, 0-10 and cya next season.

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The only thing I agree with Orlando, is that these rules suck. And I'm not saying that because they are Buckeyes. When in the hell should it be illegal in America to sell one's personal property?! Do I think he should value his BigTen Champ. ring and gold pants a little more? Yes, but should it be illegal? NO!

And Cecil Newton PIMPS his son Cam to the highest bidder, and gets no punishment. Not one game. Go figure.



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NCAA has to walk a tightrope with these student athletes and I think it really sucks at its job.  Receiving improper benefits is so vague.  My understanding is that they can't sell these items because they would be profiting from their fame and status.

I'm pretty ill informed, but what happens if their car breaks down and they decide to sell it and buy a new one (Car for sell: former owner Mike Adams.  Free pipe under the passenger seat)?  Can they trade in video games at gamestop (I don't know Terrelle, this disc looks a little scratched)?  What happens when someone hands them a free drink (OOPS, don't worry Devier, I'll get you another one)?  Or some lady likes to sleep with the BMOC (Tress: BJs are okay, Dan, but you gotta report the threesomes)?

Where is the line?  What's a violation and what can you file under standard deductions?  It seems kinda subjective.

Still I stand by my belief that the infamous 5 should do their time.  They broke the rules, they had to have known, because I knew and they have to better informed than I am.

And I refuse to compare my Buckeyes to the SEC when talking about who's getting penalized and who isn't.  I think we can be held to a higher standard and still be successful.

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Everyone calling for these guys to be benched better watch what they wish for.  If you are clammoring for it now, please do not be on here bitching about how much Boom was missed, how much Bauserman sucks, how much T-wash drops the ball and sucks in place of Posey, and how poor the left sign of the line is.   I have a feeling if these guys get benched, you'll still be bitching about how bad the team plays.

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I don't see how they are related.  Players can get punished and still be missed.  I'll miss every one of those guys in 2011, but a suspension for at least a few games seems warranted.

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Well first of all, I didn't say they shouldn't be suspended.  Since the article was about the bowl game, that's what I was specifically talking about.  I guess I should've made that more clear.  So, yeah, I do think they have something to do with eachother.  If you believe that guys who the NCAA has declared eligible for a game should be benched, just because that's how you feel, then be prepared for a terrible QB, not so good LT, and T-Wash dropping balls.  Not to mention an even more conservative than normal playbook.  If you believe that these guys should not play, then be prepared to get what you asked for.  I just believe it to be extremely hypocritcal to call for them to be benched, then complain about how bad the team looks when they are gone.  Or how bad Tressel is compared to other coaches, or whatever other BS comments people make about the team.

I appreciate Tressel and how he runs things, and I would respect the decision if he made it, but I'd be extremely disappointed, and I'd probably go put a couple grand on Arkansas. 

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It's not like we are asking for them to have had the violations, though.  No one is asking for that.  I'm already disappointed.  I'd rather have them out for 2 games next year and the bowl game this year than 5 games next year, though.

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I am of the belief that they should be punished for the bowl game.  However, on the 4th anyway, I will be happy they are playing.  I am not going to lie.  I want to win. Am I a hypocrite? yes, probably, but that is synonamous with fan anyway. 

I will root them on like hell and cheer every TD TP throws for when he is playing, but it will always sort of bother me that no immediate action was taken. And if JT suddenly decides to bench them, I will root on the replacemnets as well, and will not complain about the poor play we see.

I think they should be benched, but, as a fan, I am happy we have a better chance of winning. 

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I actually think it's kind of ridiculous they're allowed to play the sugar bowl.  I don't really see how not knowing the rule allows you to delay the punishment, but still have to serve it.  That's like telling the police officer you didn't know the speed limit is only 35, so you're not gonna pay it until next year.  Like Tom Collins, I'd rather them miss the sugar and the first two games next year than play the sugar and miss 5 next year.  It's just a terrible reason to allow them to play, and the NCAA is just protecting their money interests by allowing it, just like they did with Cam Newton.  I'd love for Tressel to stand up to them and not allow it, but he couldn't even stand up to the B10 regarding divisions or keeping The Game as the last game, so can't really expect much there


also ridiculous that they can't sell it in the first place.  Like Orlando said, where's the line?  Can they sell their sugar bowl swag?  I mean there's some high-money stuff in there like nice earphones, ipads, etc. 

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If Gene Smith and other brass fight to make sure your players are elligible for the Sugar Bowl, as a coach, do you have any right to take a stand like that?  I don't see how you can compare this to the division alignment either.  Even then, what would Tress say, he was against it, ok your opinion is noted, and now nothing will change anyway.