Duron Carter Not Coming Back

By Alex on December 22, 2010 at 12:02p

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Can Duron join the team as a walk-on?  Paying tuition shouldn't be an obstacle.

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This seems like more of a case of OSU not wanting DC back. JT must really feel it's not best for him or the team.

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Wonder just how much trouble he caused while he was here, because he definitely has the talent for an offer, and OSU is normally pretty big on keeping people in the family.

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it looks like it was just the wrong fit. His dad was a buckeye great but that doesn't automatically mean he should play his college ball there too. I would've like to see what he can do over the next couple of years, but if it doesn't work it doesn't work. Good luck to him in the future...and I hope we don't see him on the field ever, because I think he does have a serious skill set.

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As much as I was on board when he arrived - I thought he'd end up being a true #1 receiver - I'm even more on board with him not coming back. I don't care how thin we might be at WR. If it's true that DC wanted back but JT declined, that says all I need to know.

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Didn't he have some issue pop up at the Juco too?  I can't remember but seems like something was mentioned not long ago and many believed at that point he'd never be back.  I can't comment about what kind of kid he is or anything like that, but I just think they'll be fine without him.  With his Freshman year, and whatever happened( I know there was a story at the Juco) it looks like a pattern has started and I just don't blame JT for not wanting 2 more years of that kind of headache.

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I would have really liked him back for next year. Him and Posey on the outside, Philly and Fields wreaking havoc in the slot? Sign me up. Ah well, I wish him the best.

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I am venturing into an area I really know nothing about here, but isn't it possible that Duron could still get that call he's hoping for from Coach Tressel if he continues to work hard - right now - on whatever areas he is apparently deficient in? When is the deadline to sign a letter of intent? (Is that even necessary in his situation?) If this deadline has not passed, I would hope he is doing everything he can to get his shit squared away.

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This kid has hella talent, but you can see he still isn't taking responsibility for his actions here. He's still blaming OSU. If he tweeted something like: "I didn't take care of my business, my bad." The maybe I'd want him back. But JT doesn't want him, I don't either.

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Hey Duron, due to late breaking events, we may have an opening at WR.  Interested?

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At least we know he won't have to sell his jersey to support his father. He probably can't count the money to know if he is getting an improper benefit on his next tattoo though.

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