Chekwa Named All-American

By Alex on December 11, 2010 at 11:57a

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Congrats. but i will always remember him for getting burned for that 1st down vs wisconsin during our comeback sadly.

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I have obviously always said Chekwa is tremendously overrated. I don't know how you go through 5 years at OSU and never learn to turn your head. Forget Wisco, even though we won the game, he single handedly almost lost us the Iowa game last year. Just not a #1 corner by any means.

Probably a better fit at safety where he looks better when the Bucks slide him there and bring in Howard for Gant. I think he'll be a 4th round pick and end up at safety in the NFL.

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So so true. I totally agree. I find it quite funny  that those ESPN ""experts"" believe Chekwa is so good when us Buckeye faithful have watched him play mediocre (compared to Malcolm Jenkins) week in and week out for the past 5 years. He gained a lot of publicity this year after the Miami game and he had like 2 (or 3?) iNT's mainly due to the fact of Jacory's poor throwing and his receivers wearing giant rubber clown gloves... I'm glad we have Jermale Hines back there at safety b/c I'm interested to see how Chimdi fares covering Greg Childs for 4 quarters in New Orleans.


Hopefully Chekwa transitions well to the next level. He'll need a really really good performance at the combine to garner any consideration above the 4th round of the draft. My favorite play by him this year was the sack fumble against Minnesota late in the game. I had to listen to that game on the radio and the broadcasters/commentators were going crazy when it happened.

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Mediocre compared to Jenkins, well that's about 95% of the corners that have played at Ohio State.

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This guy has a good point.

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Chimdi won't be playing against Greg Childs in New Orleans. Childs is out for the season.

I think "mediocre" is a little harsh. Chekwa has been serviceable against 11 out of 12 teams on the schedule. He just looks bad in light of Malcolm Jenkins, and, well, as btalbert said, so do most OSU corners.

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is that Dan the man?? LOL

Most of his hype is his physical tools and foot speed. Eventually he'll learn to turn around.

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Do you get a tree for 2nd team?

You can't always blame a player for how think he should have reacted on a given play. How would a random OSU fan know his responsibilitiies on any given play? And why can't you guys realize that Wisconsin beat OSU well before that play-action pass? The way that game went, someone was going to get burnt on play-action, it was only a matter of time ans Wiskey's execution. At some point yopu haave to give them some credit for winning the game.


Or, we could go both ways and say we only won the Miami game because their corner play sucked, it wasn't anything to do with a good OSU offense/defense or coaching X's/O's.