Lil' Sully Goes Off For 40+ in 65 Min. Silent Scrimmage V. Baylor?

By Luke on November 3, 2010 at 12:18p

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ERIC OSU's picture

I'm going to be a happy man come Marchhhh...

Corey Carpenter's picture

It's going to be another special year for Thad and the boys. I also think the early departures of Cook, Doufos and Mullens will have current players thinking twice about leaving early. I wouldn't be surprised to see Sully here for a couple of years.

Luke's picture

I got the same feeling when Matta said yesterday "Jared is committed to one thing and one thing only: The Ohio State University." /goosebumps

Corey Carpenter's picture

Yea, as much as we hated seeing those guys leave early, it could have been the best thing to happen for Thad in the sense of long term. He now has examples of kids who thought they were good and left, but now sit the bench or aren't in the league, as well as kids who thought they were good and stayed, leading to higher draft status. Buford and Turner are prime examples of that.

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Knowing Satch, somehow I think he wouldn't be happy with an early departure for the NBA. At least I hope so.

Long live the southend.

Matt's picture

I'm very excited about the offensive balance.  When Buford gets confident, he can knock down any perimeter shot there is.  When he gets aggressive and drives to the hoop, he unsettles defenses.  The idea of Sully down low gettin' buckets Gus Johnson style is intriguing.