Ole Miss Selects a New Mascot

October 14, 2010 at 12:47p    by Jason Priestas    


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This, obviously, is a trap.

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Don't insult the Admiral.

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They shouldn't have released this information without a picture or drawing of the new mascot.

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Yeah that's poor PR...here it is if you missed it:

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Alright, this brings the level of confusion concerning SEC teams and their mascots to a whole new level.  Auburn is the Tigers, but their chant is War Eagle, and they have an eagle that flies on gameday...but also a Tiger named Aubie.  LSU is also the Tigers.  Two division foes with the same mascot?  Mississippi State and Georgia also share a common mascot.  Alabama is the Crimson Tide...represented by an Elephant.  Tennessee are the Volunteers...represented by a houndog.  And now we have the Ole Miss Rebels...represented by a bear.

One of these days, someone is going to have to explain to these people what a mascot is.  As ridiculous as a Buckeye is for a mascot...at least Brutus is literally a buckeye nut, even if it's a wierd nightmarish monster buckeye head with a human body.  Same can be said for the Purdue Boilermakers...at least their mascot Purdue Pete is literally a guy with a hammer who makes boilers for steam engines.  I guess I'll give extra credit to Georgia, seeing as how they keep both a live bulldog mascot and a guy in a suit that is also a bulldog.

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Ah yes, that reminds me of the great Black Bear Rebellion.  You guys remember that, don't you? 

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Well, at least black bears have never owned slaves.