Yes, the Wazzou Flag was at the Super Bowl

By DJ Byrnes on February 3, 2014 at 11:40a

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It is just awesome how these guys pull this off for (seemingly) every big game.  I kind of wish some Buckeye fans had thought of it first.

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We could out do them? Take 5 to every game..

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And they get into the games too

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I like programs that plant flags, but that's me.

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Some schools have to work harder to get attention. Thats never been a problem at Ohio State.

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I find it funny you see the Wazzu flag at lots of other sporting events but rarely at a Wazzu game.

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Maybe this is some subliminal messaging recruiting strategy to haul in prospects in the distant future.

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Is it the same person?  Remember like 20 years ago that guy with the multi-color wig had the John 3:16 sign at all the major events?


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I would expect a Wazzu fan or two at the Superbowl seeing as how they are probably Seahawk fans as well.

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