Frank Baugh: Right Now, Marcus is His Own Worst Enemy

By Kyle Rowland on January 22, 2014 at 2:00p
Marcus Baugh finds himself suspended from the team.

Marcus Baugh is playing the waiting game once again.

For the second time in six months, the former four-star recruit has been suspended for an underage consumption arrest. This time, though, there are concerns from Baugh and his family that it could be two strikes and you’re out.

“It’s my son, I want to make sure first and foremost everything’s right in his head. But that’s the No. 1 thing, because this is not the first [arrest],” Baugh’s father, Frank, told Eleven Warriors in a phone interview Wednesday. “No matter what punishment they hand out, what more can [the coaches] do? We need to know if Marcus has a problem and needs help. What is going on?

“I understand it’s a school, and they’re going to handle it accordingly. If they send him home, it’ll be disappointing. I spoke to him and he doesn’t want to come home. But he has to exhibit some type of behavior that he wants to stay.”

Baugh, a redshirt freshman tight end, was cited for underage drinking near campus on Friday, according to Franklin County court documents. This is on the heels of a previous arrest for the same offense – and using a fake ID – in July. For that, Baugh was suspended for the season-opener versus Buffalo, stripped of his summer student aid and removed from all team activities.

He was reinstated following the game after meeting a set of parameters put in place by the coaching staff. But September brought more drama. Baugh dealt with in-house matters that resulted in additional time away from the team.

“I came out for the Penn State game and met with the coaches [Urban Meyer, Ryan Stamper, Stan Jefferson and Tim Hinton]. There’s a support system there,” said Frank, who would not comment on legal matters. “They’re very supportive of Marcus and want to see him succeed. They’re also concerned for him.”

All was well the second half of the season – Baugh’s grades were in order and his standing with the coaches improved. It still didn’t add up to playing time with Jeff Heuerman and Nick Vannett in front of him. It was Baugh’s practice performances, though, that gradually kept him afloat.

He displayed a work ethic and level of commitment that encouraged staff members. Baugh’s black stripe was removed in December and he impressed coaches in Orange Bowl practices.

Baugh came to Ohio State from Riverside, Calif., where his 6-foot-4, 240-pound frame attracted recruiters from all over the country. He caught 68 passes for almost 1,200 yards and 10 touchdowns during his junior and senior seasons.

“He’s a very athletic kid,” Hinton said in September. “But he just has not caught the ball as cleanly as he needs to and as consistently. As he learns that skill, he'll be OK. I mean, he’ll do well here. We knew coming in, he was more of a wide receiver tight end than a tight end. So his blocking skills obviously need to improve. I’ll guarantee you [his drops have] been emphasized in a certain room.”

Visions of the future involved Baugh stretching defenses and posing matchup problems.

Now, that’s all in jeopardy.

“These indiscretions [are holding him back]. He’s a good kid in a bad place [mentally] that made some bad decisions, very bad decisions,” Frank said. “I’m very concerned because the behavior he’s shown is not the child that I raised. His mother and I are divorced, but we’ve always been there and maintained a parenting relationship, and that’s not the child we raised. It’s hard to read and even talk about.”

Frank stressed his concerns repeatedly, noting that distance from home and attempting to fit in could be contributing to his son’s troubles. But he didn’t stop short of doling out verbal punishment from more than 2,000 miles away at his Southern California home.

“He went out and it snowballed on him,” Frank said. “Right now, Marcus is his own worst enemy. He’s the type of kid that you can rub on the head when he does well and kick in the ass when he does bad.”


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sivaDavis's picture

This kid must be the most in shape, well built kid in the program to keep wanting to go through Mariotti's special workouts over and over again.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

Matt's picture

His future with OSU seems uncertain, but it sounds like he has a good set of parents who care about him.  I hope he lands on his feet -- if he leaves OSU, he's talented enough to make it elsewhere, and maybe being close to home would be better for him.

JLBNYC's picture

I hope Marcus gets the help he needs. I'm not sure cutting him loose is the right thing to do here (but obviously, i dont have all of the facts). I do hope that people read this interview and remember that this is someone's son before making any nasty comments. I know i did a lot of dumb things when I was younger - i just didnt do them under a microscope.

mb5599's picture

agree that there doesnt need to be any nasty comments about Marcus, but there needs to be accountability.  It's not just about him it's about the team.  Whatever Urban decides to do with him will set a precedent for others currently in the program and future players.  we have all done dumb things when we were younger and some have gotten caught and paid the price.  doing the same thing again knowing you are under a microscope because you are a player for Ohio State is a troubling sign.  playing at a program like Ohio State is a privelage that he doesnt seem to be taken very seriously.  numerous other players have been able to get through their time at OSU without getting into trouble.  he may need to step away from the game in order to deal with his problems. 

Big B

2002osubuck's picture

+1 was gonna say the same thing. He obviously has some issues and needs help if his father is saying that. 

Buckeye1004's picture

It sounds like he has a good support structure.  I sure hope he can get on track.  Good Luck to Marcus and I hope he gets his head on straight.

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

I was thinking the same thing. That was a remarkably rational & reasonable response from his father. (Actually kind of sad that I find that remarkable when it should be the norm)
Anyways, hope he gets his head back on straight and happy that he has a supportive family.

ScoobyKnows's picture

I don't want to see him go either and wish him the best.  I probably would never have graduated college if I got in trouble every time I drank underage. 

Nick's picture

He needs some friends that don't like to go out and drink

Hovenaut's picture

I can feel the pain in Frank Baugh's words.

Hoping Marcus can find what's best for himself, even if that means leaving Ohio State.

thunderhawks51's picture

Dad sounds supportive, but all I know is, if it were my dad and I had done what Marcus has done, I would have been tied to the roof rack and taken home. When do we stop holding coaches responsible and start holding parents and players responsible?

JakeBuckeye's picture

He's in college, at this point in his life he's on his own. The decisions he makes are his and the consequences they hold are his. Your parents are different and that's fine, but a lot of parents at this point in their child's life let them make their own choices and consequently let them deal with the ramifications of their own choices on their own.

thunderhawks51's picture

I agree with you but I think its obvious from his words Mr Baugh isn't taking that stance. In my opinion his words and his actions aren't aligning. You can't wonder what's wrong with your child but do nothing about it. I'm not saying he is or isn't a good parent because I don't know everything he has said or done and I am in no way in a position to be the evaluator of that. But apparently whatever is being done right now isn't working. I only hope the best for all the parties involved.

andyb's picture

 “No matter what punishment they hand out, what more can [the coaches] do? We need to know if Marcus has a problem and needs help. What is going on?

Did you happen to miss that quote? His own father is saying that the coaches have done all they can which to me seems like he's not holding them accountable.
Do you even read bro?

thunderhawks51's picture

I'm not being critical of anything his father has said at all. My point is that it's one thing to say all those things and another to do something. This is going to be portrayed as the fault of urban for not keeping his players under control. You'd think you'd have your kid on a short leash after he screwed up the first or even second time. If he truly believes the coaches have done all they could, then maybe its time for him to step in.

andyb's picture

And I think he is stepping in...I think this article and interview proves that. What do you want him to do? Pull his son out of the best opportunity he will probably ever have in life just to prove a point? 
Besides, His dad can't exactly force him to do anything at all. Marcus is a Redshirt freshman and is definitely at least 18 by now. Being 18 makes him an adult free to make his own decisions and live with the consequences. He also is getting underage drinking violations..he's not breaking into cars and stealing old ladies purses...put a little perspective on this situation please.

osu07asu10's picture

Way to spit the truth Mr. Baugh...

CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

The 0 is silent.

thunderhawks51's picture

It's a good thing that this kid has a good dad because Urban Meyer sure wouldn't do anything!

CharlieBuckeye's picture

This would be a great time for someone at OSU to reach out to Alex Boone who had to battle his own well documented problems with alcohol consumption.  If he won't listen to his father or the coaching staff, perhaps Alex could speak with him.
What better person to speak with than someone who hit bottom and now finds himself a very successful husband, father and football player.
Good luck Marcus - We are all behind you young man.

"To have a great life simply follow this rule:  Do not bring undo conflict into your life..."

Charlie Baker - OSU - 1986

RufusVonDufus's picture

Yea, maybe they could have a beer together!


wjpalumbo's picture

I thought the exact thing!  I believe Boone credits LeCharles Bently for his success both on the field and off. (Would up-vote if I could)



buckguyfan1's picture

Well, the pic at the top of this thread shows he has some kind of chip on his shoulder.
May or may not be part of the problem...

Matt's picture

you're right, his right shoulder does look a bit askew in the picture, but it's still unclear re: how that impacts his drinking behavior

buckguyfan1's picture

Yes, apparently others agree with my wife when she tells me I need to be more sensitive at times.  I tend to call as I see it.

RufusVonDufus's picture

That's no chip, it's a "hello" to the t-shirt girl in the ad to his left.


northcampus's picture

Mr. Baugh mentions his son attempting to fit in, which I think is exactly the issue here (more so than the distance factor).  The first year transition when kids move from a comfortable, familiar environment to an environment that is completely unfamiliar is where many kids have issues.  With OSU being a large school in a large city, there is plenty of opportunities to run into the wrong people and situations when a kid (Baugh in this case) is trying to find his place outside of the comfortable web of his high school/family back home.
Sending him home may be the worst thing for Marcus.  He needs an intervention plan put in place to assist in his transition into college.  OSU has plenty of resources outside of the football program that can help Marcus navigate through this challenging phase of his life.

cinserious's picture

That's probably an excellent idea. Suspend Baugh for this upcoming season to give him a chance to get treatment and focus solely on his schoolwork. If a year from now he has shown to get himself in order, then let him work his way back onto the team.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Kindell's picture

It is refreshing to hear a parent speak up and just not try to make excuses for his child.  That tells me that this kid has good role models at home.  I hope this is just a bit of having a little too much of that first time living away from home that a lot of us had and not dependency problem.
I wish him the best of luck, there is still plenty of time for him to turn his life around.

BuckToAsT's picture

I hope he gets the help he needs and gets another shot.  It must be really tempting to be a student at tOSU with different expectations from everybody else.  I know there are people that refrained from doing so, but I don't know anyone that did not drink underage while at tOSU.
It sounds like he has good parental support, and I know he also has support from his coaches.  Though this is a repeat offense, I don't believe it is of the nature to be sent home permanently.  I agree with others in that he is young and still deserves the opportunity to prove his worth.
Best of luck to you, Baugh! Hope you learn from this situation and work on focusing on what you need to do to be successful while at tOSU -- academically and athletically.   

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

We need to know if Marcus has a problem and needs help. What is going on?

This is more important than anything else.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

ab42beerman's picture

Best of luck to him and I wish him the best.  Hopefully we see him turn it around here and he gets a degree to hang on the wall and a nice career at TE.

bassplayer7770's picture

I wish Marcus the best and hope he gets things straightened out.  At the very least, I'm sure the staff will give him conditions that have to be met to earn his spot back on the team, but I guess we'll see.  I sorta hope this won't get him kicked out of school.

BTBuckeye's picture

Hope he gets help. 3 underage consumptions? That is kind of hard to do even in college.

osu07asu10's picture

That is kind of hard to do even in college.

And virtually impossible to do at Ohio State.
Seriously, no football player could have possibly drank or partied as much as I did (I'm looking at you Boone!!) and I only found myself in trouble when I did something so egregiously wrong I left the cops no choice...

CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

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PittBuckeye's picture

I've said this on here a million times, it's what you said, and it's also knowing which situations to avoid. There are plenty of times I was going to a party or whatever, and you show up and most people can see what's going on and say to themselves "This parties going to get busted" and have the brains to leave. 
Sure sometimes stuff happens, but to get 3 under ages like he has to me doesn't show he has a drinking problem or any other problems necessarily, it does mean he isn't nearly as careful as he should be.
He may have other issues, but this is hardly proof of that one way or the other.

osu07asu10's picture

Agreed Pitt.  I'm not out here to cast stones at Baugh he is a young guy doing what we've all done but he has to be smarter than that.
One of the greatest "lessons" my Dad ever taught me was after he found a non-tobacco "pipe" in my car. I walk in with my best friend and he screams...
"Umm...a bowl sir"
"No sir."
"Yes, and no sir."
Ultimately, his point was that your choices are your choices but you have to be smart about what you do and when you do it. Also, I just decided it was best to not eat or roll anything but it was my Dad's way of telling me I was being a dumbass.
Sounds as if Mr. Baugh is doing his best to send that message to Marcus, I hope he receives it.

CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

The 0 is silent.

southbymidwest's picture

If there are substance abuse issues, it does not matter where one is-small rural school or large urban school, an hour from home or 14 hours away, there is trouble to be had if one looks for it.

Toilrt Paper's picture

Some people have addictive personalities some don't. 

Buck Commander's picture

Whoop that ass pops.........a little tough love

Every time I set my DVR to record Biggest Loser......It always records Wolverine Football Games!

German Buckeye's picture

spanking a grown man?  right....

luckynutz's picture

From the sound of it, this isn't something I think the staff is going to just cut bait on. Seems like they are legitimately interested in helping Marcus. Nice to hear his father speak highly of the efforts of the coaches to get his son on the right track. Its a self destructive pattern he has himself stuck in...and one it sounds like are working to try and help him break. No matter what happens as far as his future with the team, i wish him the best in figuring this thing out and getting back on track in life. I can sympathize...I went off the deep end with alcohol when I got to college. Pissed away a big opportunity because of it. Hopefully he can find the help he needs and move on as a stronger person for it.

cuttyrock's picture

Just a thought but how about Alex Boone talking to him. I know he had a drinking problem and has overcome it. Sometimes talking to someone who is prominent and has had the same problem.

Toilrt Paper's picture

He has a drinking problem, he needs help. Releasing him and another school picking him up solves nothing. 

vitaminB's picture

I'm not sure we need to raise the "drinking problem" flag just yet.  He's a young man figuring things out.

allbucksallthetime's picture

I'm hopeful that whatever is going on with Marcus that he gets himself together.  His father said what you'd hope a parent in that situation would and wants his son to get help in some form or other.  
Without knowing the full story, I'm hopeful Marcus's transgressions aren't going to send get him a one-way ticket home.  IMO, it would be best if he stays, gets help, and gets past whatever issues he is dealing with right here and now.  That opinion has nothing to do with is playing football at tOSU but what I think is best for him in the long term.  Go Bucks!

thirtytrap's picture

If the young man does have a problem I hope that he gets the help that he needs and overcome the problem.  However folks don't jump to conclusions.  He could have two underage charges after only drinking two beers if caught both times.  And remember that he is the same age as those overseas who the Gov't says are mature enough to die for their country but not mature enough to drink a beer.  Good luck young man.

skid21's picture

Again, what you think of the law doesn't matter. There are team rules which aren't illegal that could get a player booted. He broke the law, whether you agree or not, twice and violated team rules once. How does your opinion about underage drinking laws even matter? If the coach says you can't do it then you can't do it. Skipping class isn't against the law but it is against Urban's law which all that matters if you are an OSU football player.

skid21's picture

I'm not judging Baugh at all. I've made many poor decisions in my life but I'd be surprised if he remains a Buckeye. He has been here less than a year and has had 2 arrests and a team violation. I'm sure there are specifics we don't know but considering the punishments to Hyde and Roby how can Baugh not be sent packing? An honest question, not an opinion.

NJ_BUCKEYE's picture

Getting bagged drinking a beer and getting arrested in a Bar for assault are two very different issues. 

SoDakBuckeyeFan's picture

Hey, at least it's not crack!