The Orange Bowl in GIFs

By Jason Priestas on January 4, 2014 at 8:00a
The Orange Bowl

It was a tough loss and it still stings, but there are GIFs to enjoy, so let's get to them.

Ohio State's first big play of the game came on a fake punt. Jeff Heuerman takes the snap and converts to keep a touchdown drive alive.

Here's Braxton Miller going 33 yards to cap the drive.

One more look. DAT STUTTER STEP.

"Guys. Guys. Let's triple-cover the receiver." "Sammy Watkins?" "No, the other guy."

Great punt by Cameron Johnston. An even better play to down the ball at the one by Armani Reeves.

Reeves' heady play led to a safety when Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd was called for intentional grounding in the end zone.

Clemson dominated large stretches of the first half and had all of the momentum in the world before freshman Vonn Bell, making his first start, pressed the hero button.

Ohio State would capitalize again on this 57-yard touchdown strike to Heuerman.

Urban Meyer reacts to a penalty on Bell for a late hit.

This Braxton Miller run gave Ohio State an improbable 22-20 lead with just 12 seconds remaining in the first half.

Ohio State's secondary was abused by Sammy Watkins, Martavius Bryant and other Clemson receivers, but here's Tyvis Powell making a play.

Presenting the world's worst case of fake umbrage.

Hyde picks up a huge fourth down, nearly punching it in.

He finished the drive one play later.

Credit where credit is due. This Bryant catch was ridiculous.

Miller finds Hyde for a 14-yard touchdown looper to put Ohio State back on top after Clemson had scored two quick touchdowns.

Trailing late in the game, safety C.J. Barnett gave Ohio State a glimmer of hope with his interception with 1:27 remaining.

Alas, Ohio State would give the ball back just two plays later.


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Haybucks's picture

The Bryant catch was ridiculous, as was the flag.

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GoBucks10's picture

Great gifs. Still wish that last int was at least reviewed. Good season everybody.

"Because I couldn't go for three."  - Woody Hayes

wolfman's picture

After they were showing the usual "super fans" at the game last night, I got to wondering what happened to the Woody Hayes look alike?  I am almost afraid to ask, but does he still attend the games?  I got to thinking about him after the obvious Woody and Clemson connection.

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I can't wait till Ross reviews this game and shows you guys how the offense messed this game up just as much as the defense. They had too many 3 and outs and blew too many short field situations that the defense got them. 4 turnovers also is not something easily overcome. 

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Buckeyebiddaddy's picture

Braxton and offense choked

tracyre's picture

Thanks for posting these!  They're awesome.  It's almost harder to stomach tho after watching so many good moments.  It just makes you think, DAMN they COULD have, they SHOULD have... ugh!  

tracyre's picture

That last interception...should have been reviewed.  That was NOT a catch...