Looks at Ryan Shazier's Pro Prospects

December 13, 2013 at 10:42a    by DJ Byrnes    
War Damn Shazier

From on Ohio State's All-American Linebacker:

The junior is a disruptive, run-and-chase weakside linebacker who can take on blocks and knows how to slip them well. He might get engulfed vs. the run from time to time, but I don't see a steady diet of it where every time an offense wants 10 yards they target him. An offense that takes that tact vs. Shazier probably isn't going to have much success.

Shazier can do anything that's asked of him. He can drop, he can cover and he can rush. He's a good tackler in the open field. He's tough, too.

He made a mistake in the Big Ten Championship Game vs. Michigan State, when he was flagged for pass interference on third-and-19 early in the first quarter. It was costly -- it helped put the Spartans in field-goal range -- but it's one of the few real errors I've seen him make this season. Like most teams will say, if you're not getting any penalties, you're not playing on the edge.

While many expect Shazier to turn pro, he has yet to make an official announcement. He may lack ideal NFL size for a linebacker, but the kid has heart and can play. You can't teach all the things Ryan Damn Shazier brings to the table.



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RDS is probably my favorite Buckeye over the last 5-6 year period, maybe more. I can still remember his Freshman year in the Michigan. Banged up, hobbled and on practiciall one leg still laying the wood on Michigan running backs.

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Damn right.  Wasn't his leg actually broken?   RDS will be missed a great deal.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I doubt that he leaves.  Just a feeling.  No logic, just a feel.

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You should add that his playing weight was like 210 lbs then but still so explosive.

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Hard to improve his stats/draft position by coming back, although I'd love to see him in Scarlet & Grey for another year. 

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We have been spoiled by several guys that did come back in similar spots in recent years, such as Laurinaitis, Hawk, and Carpenter.  All of those guys were rated high enough to come out and chose to stay for their senior year.  Luckily they all still got drafted very high the next year.  It is a risk for him to come back so I definitely do not fault him if he chooses to go.

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I completely disagree..I think he has alot of room for improvement and can definitly raise his draft stock.
First off, he can start by being the best defensive player in the B1G, which he was not this year. There are 3 players from Sparty alone who will get drafted ahead of him.
Come back RDS!!
Besides the pay scale for NFL rookies doesnt warrant an early jump unless you are top 10/

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It's all about the 2nd contract.  If you go early you get to the 2nd contract 1 year earlier.  Stay a year if you can improve the way that you will play in your first 3 years in the league (improving your market value in time for the 2nd contract).

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Either way he's spending an extra year before that second contract. If he goes pro and slips a little at least he's still earning and learning as opposed to being an at risk amateur athlete 

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"I don't know... he's not all that great. Has a lot that he needs to learn at this level before going pro. I mean, I love him, but he's just not that good. Which is why he MUST return."


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Surely you must be joking....or have forgotten your sarcasm font

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I usually just read anything Denny says in Sarcasm Font.  It makes for interesting reading sometimes.

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Well if this is what a NFL scout/whomever says, I don't see him back.  Ceiling has been hit...good luck RDS.  See, this is the difference between what they're saying about RDS compared to the lack there of with Brax360.

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I don't why people keep saying he is undersized. He is 6'2 230. He will add muscle when he gets to the NFL.
Let's look at some LB studs in the NFL shall we:
London Fletcher, Mr 50 million tackles 5'10, 242
Ray Lews, 6'1 240
Brian Cushing, 6'3 249(juice or no juice, you make the call)
Clay Matthews 6'3 255
He may be an inch shorter and be 10-20 pounds lighter but he has speed. He will bulk up a bit as he did in this past off season.

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I honestly don't think he's going to get any bigger and keep his speed. And realistically, he was probably closer to 6'1", 220 this year. He makes up for it with speed and power, though. He doesn't get trucked or tossed.

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Sorry JDADams01, I will have to disagree. I went from 190 to 225 in 6 months while in the military and it was all muscle. I actually got faster. What took a hit was my distance running.

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Shazier has already been participating in elite level strength & training as well as nutrition programs for three years. Your six months in the gym is not exactly an apt comparison.

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Except he's going to a place where hgh and other enhancers are prevalent and not really tested for.  Ever hear analysts talk about "growth spurts"? They always reference the spurt athletes have after getting into the nfl. James Harrison is an example also did you ever see mike doss or terry Glenn comparisons?

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I agree. 5'10 to 6'0 is undersized...6'1 still slightly, but not much, and 6'2 is really solid.

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I'm all about Shazier's chances at the next level but there's no way the kid is 230 pounds right now.

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220 at most...I agree with DJ.

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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But I think he's a full 6'2. If so, that's a frame you can add weight to.

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You can't teach speed, and RDS has plenty of that. His explosiveness helps him make up for his size.
Edit: I'd gladly swap him out for Rey Maulauga next year, and have Burfict move over to MIKE. But, if Ryan wants to stay for his senior year, I'd be fine with that as well.

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I like him in either front but he's a creative defensive coordinator's wet dream. He can line up anywhere, isn't an awful pass defender and has really turned up his ability as a tackler. He's gone from big hit machine who misses tackles to sure tackler in three years.
I really love him as an edge rusher. I think he can get better at shedding blocks but he plays bigger than his size. Still needs weight without losing athleticism so its a unique challenge presented to him.
I fully expect we see the last of him against Clemson in the S&G. He'll easily be the highest Buckeye drafted this year-probably the highest drafted in a few years.

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This guy needs to go..I mean would be great for my selfish reasons if he stayed but he's been arguably the best LB in college the last 2 years. Stock is MEGA out Ryan!
As far as his size..I've been told by one of the training staff members that he's 6'1" 220'ish. 


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He gone.

Embrace it.

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I really hope he doesn't leave.  I know, obvious statement, but God damn is he a great player.

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agreed. he's not even close to 230lbs. id say 205 tops. in comparison, i remember seeing aj hawk up close for an autograph right b4 he got drafted and he wasn't nearly as big as he looked on tv. he did get bigger since tho

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205 tops? c'mon man

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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Yeah 205 is way off. 

i remember seeing aj hawk up close for an autograph right b4 he got drafted and he wasn't nearly as big as he looked on tv. he did get bigger since tho

AJ Hawk was a pretty stout 248 lbs at the combine. Alot thicker then Shazier is.


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You also have to remember that the strength and conditioning has been completely overhauled so that stout "thick" 248 wouldn't have been that way now. He would be leaner and quicker. He's bigger now because he's got better s&c as a pro than we had here at the time
all in all it won't matter because the combine will expose any inflated numbers. Just better hope he runs fast and puts up reps and nobody will care about the weight if it is in the low 200s

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Hawk had elite quickness during his time here while playing in the 240's..that's just the way his frame was. Shaziers isn't . Some guys can be quick as hell at 240 and some can't. Hawk was one of those freaks.


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 Brian Rolle says Shazier is plenty big enough :)

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