Here's a 64-Team Play-Off Bracket

By DJ Byrnes on December 12, 2013 at 9:48a
64-Team Playoff Bracket /drool
Photo via USA Today's FTW. Click to enlarge.

The BCS is finally being euthanized after this year, and in will come the four-team playoff. Many speculate it will eventually become an eight-team playoff, but every division besides the FBS has enjoyed 16+ team tournaments for years.

This is a 64-team bracket, and it's all sorts of awesome. An army of Red Cross volunteers would be needed for Maryland, however, if they had to go to Alabama two weeks after Nick Saban got Kick Sixed in the gut. It'd also be fun to see how much Mississippi State players enjoyed the SEVEN (yes, seven) DEGREE weather we're having in Columbus today.

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vtbuckeye's picture

How soon until we can have this implemented.  Not to get political, but maybe the President and Congress could actually do SOMETHING and make this happen starting yesterday.  I know that it would take a few years to implement, but this would be great.

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Government mandated college football playoffs is about the dumbest thing I've ever read on this site...or anywhere else for that matter.

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Let's see the Government has stepped into these industries; and is now the regulator of them:
1) Mortgage company mandates
2) Health Care mandates
3) Car Insurance mandates
4) Appraiser mandates
I could continue.....  could happen just saying....big GOV. getting bigger...
edit....did I say Government,,,, uh out this post is going to be watched by big brother.

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"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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I'd rather have the president and government fix real problems. Scratch that. Actually, I'd rather have the president and big government GTFO the way! That's  the problem. They're in the way.

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It would take a lot more than a few years to implement.....You have to make travel arrangements not only for the teams but the parents if they wanted to see the games would have to shell out money for travel arrangements as well weekend after weekend after weekend. The players would then have to continue to practice which would I think put an unrealistic burden of studies versus games on them. Heaven help the family who has kids at different schools playing different sports as then 2 sets of travel arrangements would have to be made......This is just never going to happen and if by some act it does i doubt it will be in my lifetime.

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But everything you're describing as being damn near impossible is currently happening at all levels of NCAA football in the postseason ... except its highest level.

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All I'm saying Chuck is this......If it was really meant to happen it would have.

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6 game/week playoff...nice!

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Even in imaginary scenarios, Alabama gets all the breaks.  That west bracket is easy as hell.  Sigh.

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Do. Not. Want. I am all for a playoff in FBS, but 64 teams is too much. It would take 6-7 weeks to go from first round to championship. Plus, it would make the regular season largely irrelevant. Teams would schedule MORE cupcakes for OOC b/c they need to ensure the win total to make it into the 64. Give me 8 or 12 teams in a playoff and I'll be happy.

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It feels weird seeing Sparty as a #1 seed... knowing full well this is not a hoops bracket.

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Anyone else print this and fill it out? I got South Carolina, Ohio State, Stanford, and Alabama in the final 4 with Ohio State upsetting Bama :)

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16 teams seems much better, First Round on Campus of the higher seed, Four weeks and you're done, using the BCS rankings;
Auburn v UCF
Alabama v ASU
Sparty v Oklahoma State
Stanford v Clemson
Baylor v Oklahoma
Ohio State v Oregon
Missouri v South Carolina
These seem much more entertaining than whomever is relegated to playing in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl......

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st pete bch buckeye's picture

64 teams is overkill 16 is perfect.

BTwrestle04's picture

I have a feeling in either scenario it would wind up being whichever teams stay the healthiest and have the least amount of injuries would end up going further. More games played means more injuries. 

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Agreed, 16 works well. harder to move football teams around logistically.

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Jack Fu's picture

No no no.
My ideal world: we kick the 45 worst teams down to FCS. We have four twenty-team conferences. Each conference is split into two ten-team divisions. You play a full round robin against everyone else in your division. Team with the best division record moves on; tiebreaker is head-to-head (if multiple teams are tied and there isn't one team in the group that beat the others, average scoring margin is used to determine who moves on). Winners of the divisions play in the conference championship game. The four conference champions then play a four-team semifinals and finals.
Pros: Elegant, simple, symmetric. There are no polls (one of the things that drives me insane about next year's committee is that they will be releasing "rankings" throughout the season. WTF?). There is absolutely no legitimate bellyaching from teams that don't move on: you had your chance, you played everyone in your division, and if you didn't have the best record, that's on you. Everyone controls their own destiny from day one. Teams that don't make the playoff can still play in bowl games, which will exist just as they do today. Maybe we could even make the semis and finals three of the now-BCS games (Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, Rose). Still room for 2-3 non-conference games. The playoff is short and can be concluded right around New Year's Day.
Cons: None, stupid.
If you're a baby who thinks the MAC and Sun Belt teams deserve a shot at the title, this can be altered to fit your dumb opinions. Kick the worst five teams out instead of the worst 45 (my picks: Georgia State, FIU, Temple, South Alabama, and Texas State, but you could talk me into any of a number of five-team groups). We take the remaining 120 teams and rejigger the current ten conferences so that they each have exactly 12 members. Each conference plays its full round robin, as before. Team with the best record in the round robin wins their conference. The ten conference champions get seeded (I don't care what method is used) and put into a 10-team playoff. The top 6 seeds get byes to the quarterfinals while the 7-10 teams have "play-in" games to get to the quarters.
Pros: Same as above.
Cons: Same as above.

hodge's picture

Your first option is exceedingly possible now that the NCAA is considering granting power conferences more autonomy.  As the disparity between the haves and have-nots growing ever-larger, I think it's entirely plausible to see a playoff of some sort involving the five power conferences.   The five make it tough, but I'm sure there's a way around it.

Jack Fu's picture

That was actually what sparked my idea, Hodge.

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Five conferences, 16 teams each, ten-team playoff with the top 2 from each conference, and seeding determined by conference championship, then win-loss record. Only bottom 4 play the first round, then you're left with an easy eight team playoff. 
The five conferences make the playoffs a little trickier, but I kinda like that. Plus that makes for divisions with eight teams, rather than 10, allowing for more crossover games and schedule differences from year to year, which is better for the fans. Or, divisions could change every other year, which would mix up the schedule, and leave the remaining four games for a game against a team from each of the other conferences, still leaving the traditional 12-game schedule, but without the cupcakes at the beginning. That said, it would all but guarantee the demise of football at smaller schools, which would suck.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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Relegation could also be used to include smaller teams on a streak. Take this year: Purdue & Illinois, you're out. NIU and BGSU, your're in. Each year the 2 or 3 bottom teams are out of the conference next season and the top 2 or three teams from the MAC are in. SEC & Sunbelt, PAC 12 & MWC etc.....

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You can't spell chump without UM's picture

Well we all know Ohio State would lose in the first round because SEC. 
Seriously though, 64 teams is WAY too many teams, it can only work in March Madness and nothing else, I think the limit should be 8 teams. But I would really like the 6 team playoff with the #1 and #2 teams getting first round byes, just to keep the relevance of being #1 or #2.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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Only in March Madness? So 64 teams in the National Title tourney wouldn't work for, say....NCAA Baseball?

You can't spell chump without UM's picture

Whoops, my bad, not a baseball fan.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

HandsOfSweed's picture

Just messin' with ya. I figured you probably just forgot about that. Softball, too. I split my college allegiances between Kent State and OSU, so that would explain the baseball angle on my part.

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Ive been saying a 6 teamer is the perfect amount, with top 2 getting byes. Beyond 6 teams nobody would really have a complaint to be in the playoff (even though that would be us this year, lol, which gives me pause), plus it gives incentive to try to end up 1 or 2. Glad Im not the only one that has thought 6 teams seems like an ideal number. Then again, some years 6 teams would be ideal, some years 4 teams would be sufficient. There is no right number, really.

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Get that scUM out of the South.
I really like the 64-team idea if all the pointless "pre-season" OOC games are removed. 

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IF there is a tournament with more than 4 teams to be had in FBS they should either follow the NFL model or the D-3 model of 32 imo, 64 is entirely too many for football. I do appreciate what you tried to do here though, pretty cool idea.

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8 is enough.  A 64-team playoff renders the regular season not meaningless but certainly less important.   What's more, it adds as much as a half-season to the schedule.  Adding several games to a 30+ game basketball schedule isn't nearly as taxing.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

BuckeyeJosh's picture

I really enjoy seeing ttun an 11 seed...

Goalscorer9's picture

I don't think they were literally suggesting they want this to happen.  It was just something fun to look at....

Thanks!  I enjoyed reading it over :)

Bucks43201's picture

Michigan State vs. North Texas would be a pretty good defensive battle.

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Buckeye Chuck's picture

I think it's going to eventually get to 16. That would be big enough to be completely comprehensive and even provide room for 1 or 2 quirky little teams who, say, got through a Sun Belt Conference schedule undefeated. 
This is what I've been advocating for years:
*16-team playoff -- this would include every team that actually matters (arguments this season would be over teams like UCLA, LSU and Arizona State, none of whom are plausibly the nation's best team)
* 2-tiered seeding that reserves the top seeds for champions of the current BCS AQ conferences, regardless of record (necessary to preserve the importance of the regular conference season AND encourage tough nonconference scheduling -- the top 8 seeds this season would presumably be 1. FSU 2. Auburn 3/4/5 Stanford/Michigan State/Baylor 6. Alabama 7. Buckeyes 8. probably South Carolina)
* conferences continue to determine their champions however they want
* If a Notre Dame goes undefeated again, the best seed they can have is the top at-large seed -- stomp and whine, or join a conference
* first two rounds of playoffs on home fields of higher seeded teams, necessary for the economics of football -- if Miami doesn't like playing in East Lansing in late December, too damn bad
* At least one round of playoffs, probably the second round, on or adjacent to New Year's Day, thus preserving a key part of college postseason tradition
* National semifinals and finals to rotate around the country as the Final Four does today, thus ensuring that B1G teams aren't forever doomed to play all their most important games far from home
* National final on the weekend prior to the Super Bowl -- seems to be the obvious place for it
I'm thinking this kind of tournament would be just a mite more interesting than waiting for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (and I assume several bowls would continue to exist even under the new system). The money would be absolutely insane; March Madness cash would be change in the couch cushions by comparison.

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RBuck's picture

And we crown the champion when spring training starts for MLB. OK by me.

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Buckeye1004's picture

I always like the idea of 4 conferences. 12 teams in each conference with 2 divisions. 
Regular Season:  11 games.  Play everyone in your conference
Conference Championships: Division leaders play
Championship Bracket:  4 teams
Maximum of 14 games possible.
Can even keep the bowls for the non-contenders. 

buckifishr's picture

Sweet 16 matchup against scUM would be interesting.  Haaa, who am I kidding they will never get past the Ducks.

BuckeyePoetLaureate's picture

I gotta say that I LOVE the idea of beating you-know-who twice in one year...

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741's picture

Can we just cancel half of the regular season and do this every year. Awesome.

biggy734's picture

Until they stop having the post-season 3-4 weeks after the regular season ends, the system will always be broken in my opinion. 
And if they're going to use the academic excuse, then teams shouldn't be allowed to practice during finals week.

countrybuckeye's picture

I, for one, want college FB to remain college, and pro FB to be what they are -- so there always remains that separation.  College is for tradition and education, a continuation for high school graduates, to learn about the real world, in a four-year, programmed setting.
All this desire to have FB be like BB in their pursuit to find the #1 team is difficult, and unnecessary.  But I am not an unreasonable person -- I say the 6-team playoff is the best alternative to Bowl winners being voted by coaches and sport writers.  I will mourn the loss of the rich heritage of the Bowl Season as the final chapter to each college football season.

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