Bowling Green Takes Down Northern Illinois in MAC Championship Game

By Nicholas Jervey on December 7, 2013 at 4:30a

A costly victory for Bowling Green. [Duane Burleson/Getty Images]

It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Northern Illinois was supposed to beat Bowling Green again and go to a BCS bowl for the second straight year. Instead, Bowling Green blasted NIU 47-27 to win the MAC Championship.

The Falcons never trailed, and Bowling Green's Matt Johnson threw four touchdowns in the first half to set an insurmountable 31-13 halftime lead. Jordan Lynch faltered for the first time this season, being thoroughly outplayed by Johnson. Now Lynch's Heisman campaign is dead in the water.

As a non-automatic qualifying conference to the BCS, the Mid-American Conference needed Northern Illinois to win to secure a lucrative bid. Bowling Green cost itself over a million dollars in revenue by winning, but the MAC championship is a good balm for that blow to the balance sheet.

Northern Illinois's loss leaves Ohio State and Florida State as the only undefeated teams in the country. Going undefeated is really hard; don't you agree, Jay Jacobs?


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Haybucks's picture

That's a lot of sweet $$$ the MAC has lost.  Integrity kills conspiracy theories.  Sorry  Douchebag Drew Sharp.
Guess the MAC will have to keep playing for pay at B1G stadiums.

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


TMac's picture

About 3.5 million as the MAC, WAC, MW and CUSA split the non-AQ share, as I understand it.  They still get $$ from the BCS just not as many. 

ONE Not Done!

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Geez, it's almost like it's really hard to go undefeated, what with all these teams losing all the time.
Can you imagine if somebody ever did it two years in a row?

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Well looky there, once again we have no more than two undefeated teams at the end of the season. All that fuss and worry 4 weeks ago was not warranted. 

Defiance J's picture

BG are the Falcons - not Eagles fwiw.

Nicholas Jervey's picture

Thanks. Corrected.

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TMac's picture

Lynch's potential invite to NYC downtown athletic club also went out the window!

ONE Not Done!

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It would be a disservice to America if BG wasn't ranked in the top 25 this week.

You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.

NoVA Buckeye's picture

Nope. 10-3 with losses to Indiana and Mississippi State. Still fairly undeserving of a top 25 ranking

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

BGBOY's picture

I was kidding in reference to the Auburn AD's remarks.

You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish.

NoVA Buckeye's picture

Well in that case, put them at #2!

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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My daughter is a senior at BGSU, and yesterday while I was at work, she called me and asked me wear my #2 OSU jersey was at. I shit you not.
I indoctrinated my kids at an early age into the Buckeye Brotherhood. They knew early on, if they were to get anything from Santa Claus, they better not bring up anything with the letter "M" in it, or the colors Sun and Bloo.
Having said that, I do like me some MACtion.



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My wife is a _ichigan graduate (I don't hold it against her; she's a great person). My son is graduating from Michigan Tech; daughter goes to Michigan State. Both root for the Buckeye and hate the Weasels.
You know you are raising them right when that happens :)

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Sparty gains some breathing room.

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We live just outside BG. Watched most of the game last night -- it wasn't even close! Way to go Falcons!
Ziggy Zoomba!
Now, Bucks, go forth and conquer the Spartans! Make the Red Cedar truly overflow with the tears of the MSU faithful!

redfox's picture

A big (CONGRATS) to Bowling Green on there win.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Watching BG's QB shred Northern Illinois' secondary scared me into thinking the same thing could happen to the Buckeyes tonight. Our guys have to make sure Cook finds no holes there.

ibuck's picture

We want sacks of Cook and hurries, and TFL's on Sparty RB's. Go Buckeye D !

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

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Congrats to BG!.  NIU couldn't seem to get a handle on things from the beginning.  But, I'd like to have seen a MAC team in another BCS game this year.  BG's win definitely co$t the MAC.

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My wife is a BG alum and living in Michigan, we decided to head own to the D to watch the game. Had dinner at Cheli's before the game, which seems to have been the unofficial NIU bar beforehand. I can tell you I will forever root for any team playing NIU, as there fans for the most part were classless, arrogant, and very rude. Reading stories about Oregon's fans, I imagine NIU's to be very similar. Thy literally all acted as if they had already won the game before kickoff. At one point late in the game, an irate middle-aged NIU fan made his way over to the BG side just to yell obscenities at the crowd. 
Felt great walking out seeing the disappointment and anger on their faces... Hope they all enjoyed that giant f'ing slice of humble pie.