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I was born and raised in central Ohio and attended The Ohio State University. Here at Eleven Warriors, I write Big Ten recaps and whatever topics strike my fancy. Though I've been around the site since 2008, having the opportunity to write with such great people since February 2013 has been immensely satisfying. Now for a musical interlude.

*Brady Bunch theme*
Here's the story of a boy named Jervey,
Who was brought up in lovely Columbus town,
He had sports takes, the hottest you'll find anywhere,
On jokers, tools, and clowns.

Here's the story of Eleven Warriors,
It was looking for a scribe to write some stuff,
It was awesome, but wanted extra content,
From someone who'd take no guff.

Til one day when the blowhard met this website,
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
That the two would somehow come together,
That's how Nicholas joined the Dubber Bunch. The Dubber Bunch,
The Dubber Bunch. That's the way we all became the Dubber Bunch.
*end Brady Bunch theme*


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Comment 12 Oct 2014

Ha, I mean along the lines of landing a few weeks of top 15 rankings. As far as rubbing elbows with the Tennessees and Clemsons of the world, that's not going to happen.

Comment 10 Oct 2014
I don't know, but here's a fun, apocryphal story about Hunter S Thompson: he once submitted an article to his editors that was entirely gibberish. His editor was baffled, but realizing Thompson probably wrote it under the influence of something, transposed every letter by one key and got flawless English. Thompson wrote the entire story with his hands shifted a spot on the typewriter.
Comment 09 Oct 2014

@MHver3 is a notorious Chicken Little when it comes to realignment talk. There is not a single person on Twitter you should trust less about this stuff than him.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

That's not a mistake; Scott Steiner has mind control powers and was using them on Christian Cage.

Comment 06 Oct 2014

I thought about it, but none of the individual tweets by themselves was really worth linking to. If I'd seen a compendium somewhere, I would have linked to it (I also thought it was interesting how both MSU and Maryland expected sellouts and ended up a bit short).

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Now I see what you're getting at. There are a few reasons I do power rankings like this.

  1. hate how early season polls work. I still wanted to do power rankings, so I had to find a way to do them without being a hypocrite. Using only each team's most recent game was one way to do that.
  2. Once I picked a methodology, I wanted to stick with it. I also hate when poll voters change their methodology on the fly.
  3. Judging only the most recent performance is an uncommon method for power rankings. It helps these rankings to stand out from the conventional rankings and prompt critical discussion.
  4. The volatility of these rankings gives unique data. At the end of the year, I'm going to use these power rankings to track each team's rise and fall, and compare it to conventional power rankings. It might have interesting results.
  5. Most importantly, it helps to satisfy my HOT TAKES  quota for the site :p
Comment 05 Oct 2014

Those losses are worse in combination, but again, I'm only taking each team's most recent game into account. The Minnesota-Michigan game is only considered for Minnesota's ranking. For Michigan's ranking, it's as though the game never happened.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

Yes, but even though McMillan recovered Lee's fumble it doesn't count as a fumble recovery on the stat sheet since the fumble recovery wasn't a takeaway.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I can explain it quite easily. The power ranking only deals with each team's most recent game; five Big Ten teams lost this week, so already Minnesota is 9th or better. Iowa looked miserable against Purdue and Northwestern was gifted field position, doing nothing without second-half PSU turnovers. That's 7th or better. I wasn't impressed by Wisconsin being tied with South Florida at the half or winning by 17 against a school Michigan would beat pretty easily, even in its current state; 6th or better. It comes down to thinking Minnesota dominating the Wolverines at Michigan was a more complete performance than what OSU did to Cincinnati or Rutgers to Tulane.