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By Jason Priestas on November 30, 2013 at 3:58p

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Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Double Birds baby!
I'm not proud of it, but given the circumstances, hard to blame him.

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I can understand why Dontre got ejected. He threw a punch. But Marcus should not have been ejected, IMHO. The whole thing was instigated by the TTUN players. #52 specifically. So even though they started it, we ended up with two players ejected, and TTUN one player ejected. That seems fair.



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Looked to me like they (52) started it too. I was also a little confused by OSU having 2 guys tossed to their one. Seemed to me there were loads of guys on both side being idiots. I was actually thinking they would just do an off-setting & just keep playing. I really do understand the ejections, but thought there should have been another on their side. Oh well...emotions can get the best of a group of kids on both sides & I have no problem with the brawl. Shit happens.

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Marcus had the misfortune of throwing his punch about two inches from the face of a ref.

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Actually, I think 34 started it when Wilson was initially surrounded by half of the coverage team for seemingly no justifiable reason whatsoever.  I don't know if the refs will call that a punch, but he clearly takes a swing towards Wilson's helmet.  If the B10 is going to review film and issue more suspensions, it had better start right there.

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Is this an original DJ?

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Going out a senior protecting a team mate. Why not. Haha

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Definitely just using his index fingers to point where the exit is.

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Went out strong.

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We're number 1.

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

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I bet Urbz orders one of these for the office. ;)

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I bet Woody would've!

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Why are we celebrating this? i wouldn't be surprised to see Urban suspend him for at least one more game, and possibly a bowl as well. Kid probably ruined his chance at the NFL.

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Seriously?  It is demonstrative but hardly as bad as punching another player.  Should Dontre be gone as well?
Plus, it is Michigan.  Hall is right.  Fuck them.

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.  ~ Bruce Lee

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I think they both get suspended, and rightfully so. Probably Thomas too.

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Respectfully disagree.  Nor do I think any Michigan players should get suspended beyond what they already received.

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.  ~ Bruce Lee

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I can appreciate that you have likely never played high level competitive football, and don't understand what it is like to take a stand for a teammate. But having been on the field, Marcus did what you want out of a teammate... Willing to throw down when an undersized teammate is surrounded and fighting to get out.

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Taking a stand for a teammate doesn't mean throw punches and have a tantrum on the sideline. You can go up, and pull guys away in all directions without getting penalized, that's nothing new. I think Meyer suspends him, and Wilson. What is Wilson doing throwing barehand punches at guys in helmets anyhow? What is that accomplishing? Distance yourself, and win on the field. I think the narrative would be a little different if his actions would've cost us the game, which they very well could've without a suitable backup. 

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He got thrown out of The Game on his senior year after trying to defend a teammate who was completely surrounded by the other team, of course he is going to be upset. I don't think anyone is condoning his actions but it's not that hard to understand them. I can imagine he was full of emotion and those _ichigan fans were probably having at him. Personally I don't think anything happens to dontre, and I place some of the blame on the refs for the beginning of the brawl. He basically got jumped by the other team for goodness sake, I don't like that he threw punches but I've definitely seen much worse in past OSU-UM games. I think people forget about the David Boston-Charles Woodson because I don't think many people would say they should have been suspended for what they did.

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Have you played? Just wondering, because if I was getting jumped by 6-7 guys I would hope my teammates would come in, and come in swinging. And good lord, if the sight of a middle finger offends you you've had a sheltered life.

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"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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I didn't like the parts of the brawl that involved the punching, and the play on the parts of the Michigan players. But there comes a time when you swallow your emotions and don't hurt yourself even more. 

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I agree about not celebrating it, but I don't think it affects his NFL stock. If he has the talent, he'll be drafted where that talent dictates. This is no small matter to me, but it's not enough to completely change his future. Just my two cents.

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Huh? I can see where you are coming from concerning Urban suspending him, but I see no scenario where this ruins his NFL career.  The dude has been playing great football and NFL scouts aren't going to just ignore that.

In Urban We Trust

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Ruined his chances at the NFL?? Really? are you high?
He came to the aid of his teammate who was in the process of being Mauled by Three scUM players. NFL coaches and players love guys like that.

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I would have upvoted this 50 times if I could haha Had to double bird it because he couldn't triple bird it. #woodyistimeless

"Because I couldn't go for three!"


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I upvoted this after reading the first sentence...and boy, does this post go off the rails after that. Wish I could take it back. Last sentence is just a delightful little cherry on top. I thought he should have shown a little more class, but I'm not damning the kid right out of the NFL or anything. I was pissed, too. 

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I'm not damning him out of the NFL. I hope he's drafted high, and all his career dreams come true. That said, if you come off like a liability, you hurt your chances, even if you're not one. For a guy like him that wasn't gonna go high in the draft either way, that could be the difference, in a coach's eyes, between one guy and another one. 

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It's football. Guys get emotional. He served his penalty. Let's move on.

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im with u. down vote away if u must. should of kept his preverbial fat ass on the sideline. not only does he stray on he throws a punch. cant believe he plays next week after this move. nice and hes a senior.

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Ruined his NFL chances for flipping the bird?  Manti Te'o faked the death of a fake girlfrend and got drafted.  Get a grip.

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The NFL gives absolutely 0 shits about this. 

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There is no way you can blame Hall for this. He was protecting a fellow Buckeye and giving the TTUN crowd a final goodbye in the most appropriate and deserving way possible. Stand up guy as far as I am concerned. He knows a big house full of crap what he sees one.

"The minute we stop expecting greatness, we become Wisconsin."

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I think it everyday of the year.

I understand why Hall did it, I just wish he wouldn't have.

He's better than that.

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Yes. And it gives their fans something to yap about.

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They can yap about the double birds all they want. I'll take the win.

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I was under the impression that it was an either-or situation. Now that I understand, I'll take win also. Good thing you were here, that was a close one.

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It's not an either-or situation, but it sure does help. If TTUN fans have to rely on something as lame as a 22 year old kid expressing himself inelegantly in a moment of passion for yapping material, it must mean OSU is doing something right. 

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Vegas, I agree with you that it was inelegant. Still, you have to admit that about 8 TTUN players ganging up on and attempting to intimidate our 5 ft. 10 freshman is about as cowardly as it gets. Then the TTUN crown howled its approval of that heinous act. Hall was well within his defend his teammate. Shame on TTUN for making his gestures necessary.

"The minute we stop expecting greatness, we become Wisconsin."

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I don't know if I'd go as far as saying it was necessary, but everything you just said about the circumstances is spot on. I'd add that when Hall threw up the birds he was probably still coming to terms with the fact that he just lost his last chance to play in The Game and, more importantly, would have to watch his teammates go on without him. Again, if TTUN fans are reaching for something as lame as Hall's one finger salutes for trash talk, OSU must be doing something right both on and off the field. I guarantee you that if Powell didn't come up with that pick yapping from TTUN fans about the result would greatly outweigh any yapping about Hall. Then again this is TSUN we're talking about here. I'm not 100% sure Delusional Trash Talk isn't a required course up there.

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Pretty _uch the entire Winking Lizard, save the table of shi- I _ean TTUN fans,  sent up the loudest cheer of the day when he let those fingers fly.

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There will be more than flying birds in the NFL...

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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Just found my new wallpaper for my work computer. 

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Oh no! People are seeing 2 erect fingers! Won't someone think of the children?!?!?!
Seriously though President Comacho approves

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He lived the Don Cherry motto:
Dont go changin, go out blazin cause your getting ejected anyway. Go out blazin. 

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The player on the other side that got ejected did that as well. Hall is a senior and should know better, and given the possibility of penalties from the B1G or NCAA, he should be suspended for next week. Should have been other sun & blue ejected as well.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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He is merely telling the _ichigan proxy how he feels about that cesspool of a state.  I found it a quite poetic exit...Bravo, Marcus Hall...!!

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Low class period. Sportcenter is running that every hour and the whole program looks bad, especially to recruits and their families. 


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Agree, even though I say screw ESPN. Hall never should have left the sideline to begin with. The whole defending a teammate excuse holds no water IMO. It's not like this was a real gang fight in downtown Detroit or something. These guys are wearing pads for God's sake. Keep your composure if for nothing else, so you can be on the field against Sparty next week. 

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So you're saying a teammate of yours who you've sweat and bled with is completely surrounded and getting shoved around by the other team and you're just gonna sit on the sideline and watch them do it?
I don't ever want to be on your team.
Who are all these names I've never seen on here before and where did you come from?

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Hah!  How many posts or years logged as a 11W user do we need until we're "cool enough?"  
I understand emotions run high in this game more than any other. I also understand these are college kids. I'm saying show some restraint.  There were 10 other Buckeyes on the field still. Hall missed the rest of the game and will probably miss next week too.  That was a scrum that wasn't going to last. Hall's participation did nothing except earn him an early shower.     

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I want to be on Hall's team.  This team is so invested with "The Chase" and I want someone to fight with tooth and nail when you are getting pushed around.  I respect someone having their teammates' back.  I don't care what happens, punches get thrown and its a violent game.  You need to stand up for each other.  The guys who went out there battled will get some respect in that locker room. 

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It isn't about him defending his teammate. That's fine. And I'm even fine with him kicking benches and raising hell on the sidelines. I would be mad as well. But don't flip off the fans. The fans didn't eject him. He got himself ejected, no matter how honorable the reason might have been.

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I've been here longer than you, pal, does my opinion matter more than yours?

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He left the sideline b/c he was playing the next snap.  Players know you can't throw a punch, and he lost his composure when he got thrown out.  It happens.  Not the proudest moment of his career.

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He didn't leave the sideline.  He was heading onto the field with the offense.  If you'll notice, Braxton was also on the field. 

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F ESPiN as well to be honest.

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The game of football is emotional. It was an emotional reaction to a questionable call. This was his last game against TTUN, so he was probably frustrated with himself. Nothing to see here...move along.

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It's The Game... Wrong, probably yes... Would I have done the same in Honor of my Team, Playmate, and Brother...  You Bet Your Ass! 
Deal With It!  Go Buckeyes!     W  

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Also, there's a big difference between trying to break up the fight (which Spence was doing) and throwing a punch.   

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Pat Eflein(spelling?) did a pretty good freaking job stepping in for Hall.

I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.


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He is a senior and should know better than to come off the sideline and get involved in a brawl. (Sorry. Go ahead and bring the dv's if you must.)

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I will do no such thing, I agree with you. The situation is extremely heated, and none of us truly know what it's like to be in such an environment. I understand him wanting to defend his teammate. I understand him getting involved. I even understand his cursing and sideline destruction. But don't stoop as low as flipping off the fans. Don't embarrass yourself, or the university. I don't expect that of people who wear the Scarlet and Gray and neither should anyone else.

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lets see how everyone feels next week when either urban or the big10 suspend him for the championship game.  we will need him going up against one of the best defenses in the country.  i have no issue with him protecting a teammate and he got ejected for it.  however, the obscene gestures on his way out will cost him playing time next weekend and we have a slim margin for error. his position substitute played well, but sparty's defense is a whole different ball game.  this could cost us. as a senior he should know better. i'm sure we will revisit this come tuesday or wednesday.

Big B

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What's lost in all this is how well pat elflein played in relief of big marc. Kid came in cold in the biggest game of the year and held his own.

As for big marc...look, I throw the double bird to the north on a daily basis. Im also not on national tv. And not in a position to be disciplined by my coach or conference for it. I love the sentiment, but unfortunately know that this will not be taken lightly by his head coach. Had it just been the punch, it woukd probably end there. Throw in the very visible double bird and I fear that even if urban doesn't take some form of disciplinary action, the league will.

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After being abused by five different scUM players I am glad Wilson got a few good shots in!


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Every week this season this blog has been inundated with "I Hate Michigan" posts and other assorted sentiments. God forbid a player actually manifest that emotion. If all this talk about "playing angry" and "kicking the shit out of the Wolverines" doesn't actually result in somebody getting pushy, then it's just that. A bunch of impotent, snarky bitching. Hall stood up for a teammate in trouble the way real teammates should. As far as the flipping off goes, big deal. It's not like he mooned them for Christ's sake.
Michigan clearly tried to intimidate and/or start an altercation after the whistle blew. Screw them.

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There are still people here who get offended by the sight of a middle finger.  Good luck with life in the real world.

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I <3 Marcus Hall

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Marcus Hall for life. Eff the skunkbears and their trash fans. Dontre was jumped by a bunch of lowlife thugs. Props to Marcus for defending him.

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I just think of the passion and hate between these two schools that has been nurtured since the Ten-Year War. Woody was about as demonstrative as it gets, and this is a page out of his "How to throw an awesome tantrum" book.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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Aw...was Guiton following him into the locker room to try and cool him out? 
If so, just another reason to love KG.

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Guiton was sent to go get Hall and have him come back and get a "talkng to" before he left the field.

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It was a dumb thing to do. So was throwing the punch in the fight.
I don't blame him for it one fucking bit. He got just got kicked out of the Michigan game his senior year for a fight that someone else started. It was stupid, but I hope he doesn't see any worse penalty. 
If he misses a whole game for this... seriously? This is one par with cheating on classes, taking thousands of dollars from boosters, or getting in bar fights at most schools? How many UM fans were flipping the bird back at him? Our whole band gives the UM team the single-finger salute when they come out the tunnel. They're college students!

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Candidate for tweet of the year!


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That kickoff, fight, get Dontre ejected was one of the better conceived plays of the game for Michigan.

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A college student flipped the bird in the direction of his rivals' jeering fans. Shocker. With that said, he got himself ejected for throwing punches. Meyer got it right when he labeled it "disappointing". I cant defend it. I can understand it, but I cant defend it.

"Evil shenanigans!"     - Mac

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You have to punish this sort of behavior so that in future games it doesn't happen again.   You must remember that this is the mentality of black players to act the way they acted.   I only thank God they did not have any knives or guns.     Or was it mainly white players in this brawl, I'll have to double-check.    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
And please don't act like the P.C. Police Department because I would hope you would want me to post "what I actually think" and not what the P.C. Police say I should post, or do you?
I love the Buckeyes and it was a memorable win and coupled with Auburn's victory, well, what a friggin Saturday boys.
Asa lama lakum


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"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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How dare some guy throw up two fingers, shame on him. Seriously, if two middle fingers on TV upsets you, I think you need to go back and tend to your crops to make sure that your Puritan clan can make it through the winter. 

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This will be my new screen saver and possibly my new 11W avatar, or whatever you kids are calling our pictures these days ;/

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