Braxton Miller Gets Career Advice from Craig Krenzel

By DJ Byrnes on November 20, 2013 at 2:51p


There has been speculation that Miller could forego his senior year and turn pro, and Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer might have played into that with his response Monday to a question about whether Miller would be best served by staying for his senior season.

"Where he's at right now is a long cry from where he was even last season," Krenzel told the Toledo (Ohio) Blade. "When you watch him this year, he is throwing the ball with confidence, he's making good decisions in the pocket and it's been a blast to watch.

"The biggest thing that would benefit Braxton coming back would be 12 more games proving that this isn't just, 'Hey, the Big Ten is bad and I played well for the last five or six games.' Scouts, (general managers), coaches -- they would all have a chance to see a season and a half of Braxton's work at the level he is at now."

While whatever decision Braxton makes will be respected, we doubt we're alone when we say: one more year, good sir.


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Chief B1G Dump's picture

Win a Heisman and back to back NCs. 3 straight seasons without a loss.
You dont have to have Krenzels brains to figure that out.

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Hey did you guys know that Krenzel was a Molecular Genetics major while at tOSU?

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The 0 is silent.

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Yes, it seemed like announcers brought it up at almost any opportunity possible during that magical year.  I liked Krenzel, I thought that he had enough athleticism to do alright.  I thinkthat he stuck with the Bears for several seasons.  And the leading rusher against Miami to boot.

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As much as he's improved, I still don't think he's anything better than a 3th or 4th round pick if he comes out this year.
And that's me being generous. Just my opinion though... I'm no NFL scout.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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I very much agree with your sentiment, as it seems to make the most logical sense.
That being said, Braxton has to make the right decision for himself right now. Maybe a mid round pick is better right now than putting his family on financial hold for another season, especially a season playing behind an 80% inexperienced O-line. There's always the possibility (ala Roby) that the extra season may indeed hurt his draft stock. Maybe he has a stellar senior season and he vaults himself to the forefront of the Heisman race, or maybe he spends his entire season running for his life and gets tagged with the "athlete playing QB" moniker that kills his career. Either way, I sure as hell am happy he is a Buckeye.



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Injuries have taken away some of his playing time and therefore some of his draft stock. It's a roll of the dice to come back. But I'd love to have him back for another year. Maybe he could use it to prove he can stay healthy.

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Brax definitely needs to come back, but who knows what will happen if he tears it up in the next 3 games, and the bowl game.
#1MoreYear At the beginning of the year, I never would have thought we, as fans, would have to ask for that.


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Lots of QBs ahead of Brax this year that would get picked before him. I'd say this year he's a 3-5 rounder. If he comes back he can play into a potential first round pick and a top 3 QB in the draft class.

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There is going to be a lot of QB taken this year compared to normal years.  I also think he really would like a shot at the Heisman again.  So hopefully these result in him returning.

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holy buckeye, that is the first I've ever heard that before.

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"Sing us a song, Mr. Krenzel, man..."
"Sing us a song, tonight"
"For we're all in the mood for a miracle"
" 'Holy Buckeye' the pollsters all night"

(As sung to Billy Joel's "Piano Man")

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zero chance Braxton leaves.  love the kid to death, he aint ready.

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Unfortunately it doesnt matter - See DeShaun Thomas.


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Have an upvote for whatever idiot downvoted you.  

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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Very few QB's have what it takes to leave early.  Most of those that have done so, shouldn't have.

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He's not ready yet and this year there are too many other QB's who will drafted ahead of him.

"Fate has cards that it don't want to show"

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Depends on his personal life too, maybe he needs to make a living now and cant really wait another year.
His draft stock will be highly dependent on his combine performance.  He wont have the luxury of just having a pro-day at OSU and hoping to improve his stock.  Hes going to have to work harder than every other qb prospect in this draft.  Having said that if he runs a 4.3 40 and performs like an athletic freak history has shown that someone will take a chance on him early, especially if boyd or bridgewater ect dont take the combine seriously as their stock could drop as well.
if braxton does end up leaving i just hope he gets a chance like aaron rodgers to sit back for a couple years and continue to develop then hit the ground running when he gets his chance.  it would be amazing to be able to point at a star player in the QB position and be proud that they came from tOSU.  when was the last time we have ever gotten to feel like that about a QB?  I mean krenzel played damage control as best he could in CHI but maybe Art (and i wasnt around for his time/or you could argue Tupa even though he matriculated as a punter)?

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I'm praying to baby Jesus he comes back next year.

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Krenz: Now there's a Michigan man we can all love.

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Amazing photo.

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You never know what someone his age is thinking...but I believe he would benefit another year of polish at OSU. This is a qb heavy draft...look at some of the heavyweights he would be contending for draft stock with. Bridgewater, boyd, manziel, murray, mccarron, mariota, jordan lynch just to name a few. You could make a case for mannion and derek carr as well. He has been excellent this year, and shoukd be in the conversation with these other guys. And if the bucks can get to the big stage and he shows out, it coukd change the pecking order. Just would like to see him get a full slate next year and show what he is fully capable of.

Now here's the million dollar big of an impact on his decision would it be if tom herman moves on to a new gig after this year? I know its been said that they've had their differences in the past couple years. But results are results. And herman has worked wonders with braxton. Just wonder if the thought of having to start again with a new coordinator and coach woukd sway him to take his chances in the draft.

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My own personal opinion is that if Braxton stays, Tom Herman will also stay one more year, and at the end of that year, they both will be incredibly hot items.

I like cookies.

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I like our chances of extending the streak to 40 if Brax is back.

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Krenzel is a great radio guy. 

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Is there some why we can get another year out of Brax's #1 back-up, Kenny G, too?



southernstatesbuckeye's picture

Well, at this point, Mr. Braxton is carrying the hopes and dreams of Buckeye Nation for an historic achievement that cannot be minimized by the "mouth farters" (thank you Mr. Chris) across the college football punditscape.  
In fact, his numbers are approaching equality with any other so-called Heisman "performer".  And in my expert opinion (hey, if they can claim it, I can claim it)  Braxton Miller has more explosive moments than all the others combined! 
Oh, and to use the popular phraseology of the day...
It ain't even close.
This same Braxton Miller has an opportunity to chisel a name for not only himself, but his teammates in Buckeye lore.  It would be insanity to walk away from another year with your brothers...chasing history...redifining what excellence on the field really is...carving a canyon out of the college football landscape.
Think about that for just a moment, and let's enjoy what we are seeing here.
At the end of Braxton's career were he to return, he would be staring at 40 consecutive wins...within reach the following year in a thoroughly oiled Meyer machine...of breaking Oklahoma's all time high, and blasting out the other end as history's only 54-0 team, and as a multiple national champion...
Woah.  That's making history!
But as for today...Yes, the hate is real.  The Buckeyes are an easy team to hate.
Historic excellence in the sports realm.  A contributor to the national narrative of the sport's passion and pain.  The intensity of real rivalry...two beloved friends in Woody and Bo who also happened to hate each other passionately as well. 
And Ohio State was woven into the tapestry and heart of college football legend.
Ohio State was football when some of today's supposed giants were in diapers, suckling on their conference's teats.
But guess what?  Urban Meyer is a giant slayer.
And yes, somewhere down the line...he will lose.
But not today, my friends.
Not today.
That is my chant, my cry: Not Today!  Not Today!

I like cookies.

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I'm sure Braxton is thinking about playing behind a very inexperienced O-line next year. Which could lead to his stats declining next year and the possibility of an injury due to having to scramble much more and and getting sacked much more
Reallity....and we don't have worry about those things. 

OfficerRabbit's picture

Up vote.... I pretty much echoed your exact post up top a ways. 



southernstatesbuckeye's picture

Who says next year's O line will be worse?  This year's D line was supposed to be a question mark, and here they are a strength of the team.
Next year's O line will be fine.

I like cookies.

buckskin's picture

His passing game has vastly improved from where it was last year; that being said, he needs to come back and put another year of polish and development in that element of his game.  The NFL is a throwing league and I think the read option, running QBs are for the most part, not going to last very long. 

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Braxton had a kid & he may need to leave whether ready or not. I've heard from lots of folks that they expect he's taking off...but I'm hoping he sticks around. If this Saturday I end up seeing his last game in The Shoe - then that will certainly be an honor to say the least.

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rkylet83's picture

This day and age I cannot see why anyone would gamble on being a professional athlete without finishing their academic career in college.  It's a huge gamble.  To most NFL, MLB, NBA owners you are an easily replaceable component and a piece of meat.  Unless your one of the very few lucky ones, your shelf life is VERY minimal.  Also you have to take into account your quality of life after you play.  Arthritis, head trauma, knee cartilage damage, neck injuries, and a plethora of other ailments that ex-players deal with on a daily basis.  The chances are very likely that you will be doing something nonathletic for a living.   

d5k's picture

And a degree in criminology or family resource management is going to help dramatically with that (in comparison to NFL minimum mid round rookie salaries even that would make any reasonable person financially secure)?  The life lessons and team building type lessons these guys typically get from football will help them in their life after football more than the classes they take in college for most players.  It is more of a risk the other direction by far.  He would be giving up over 10 years of median income guaranteed for a chance to double that and improve his chances at a second contract.  Playing another year of college has higher injury risk as well for a likely backup QB in the NFL at first.
I think he should come back because he is likely to get drafted regardless of what happens next season and there's more upside than downside.  But it is always a risk to go back for a senior year and get a career ending injury.

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"The biggest thing that would benefit Braxton coming back would be 12 more games proving that this isn't just, 'Hey, the Big Ten is bad and I played well for the last five or six games.' Scouts, (general managers), coaches -- they would all have a chance to see a season and a half of Braxton's work at the level he is at now."

And here is where Mr. Krenzel shows his intellect. Very well stated.
Add these points together with the fact that there is a huge number of high level draft strock QBs going into the draft ahead of Miller, and it makes it clear that the risk-benefit equation favors a return to the Buckeyes for him in '14.
With the rookie O-line and new starting running back, Miller will showcase all of his skills next season as he wrecks the record books despite the challenges. I never bought into the previous Hypesman talk, but in '14 Miller is set-up for a magical finish to his career as a Buckeye.

~ The Buck Guy
Go Bucks!!!!