So Close, Illini

November 16, 2013 at 6:05p    by Jason Priestas    


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Probably why schools in the B1G don't get many recruits...we see too much of this.

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I kinda feel bad for them...

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Pretty sure I'd marry her.

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Thrice and again next life.

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I haven't seen this in awhile. She makes me smile.

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Who is she/ what is the story there?


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No clue.

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thats a definitive yes

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Want to wife that.

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Take me drunk, I'm home !!

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Fail says my kids

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Um...first of all.  Why do two I's next to each other?  

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II..  2..  Number 2..  Yep, it means poop.

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We were there at the game and I told the guys sitting in front of us that we could dot their I's.


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Empty seats are prevalent at many games this year. No conference is immune to it.  Ticket prices and the availability of games on tv are keeping many fans at home. The camera angles for many games ignore the empty seats. And, many fans are indeed fair weather.  If their team is not winning there is no way they will attend a game.  Tonight's game at So Cal showed a pretty full coliseum, but games earlier in the year had many empty seats. The difference?  A real coach in charge, a better effort on the field, and a highly ranked opponent. OSU is lucky to have so many true fans to fill the Shoe.  But, I wonder what would happen in a down year with such high ticket prices. 

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My nephew is student at Illinois... i texted him about the game. He said it wasn't good weather for watching football, plus I do not think he is too happy with the product they put on the field.

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Not good weather?


Illinois, November.....not sure what he's looking for there, though I'm sure the quality of the product isn't helping.

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It will be ten times worse in two weeks against Northwestern. 
Cold weather + After Thanksgiving + Bad team + Bad opponent = empty stands. 

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