Video: Jerry Kills Has Moves on Moves

By Jason Priestas on November 9, 2013 at 6:04p

Here's Minnesota coach Jerry Kill dancing after his team's 24-10 win over Penn State today, the Gopher's first four-game winning streak in Big Ten play since 1973.

It's literally impossible to dislike Jerry Kill.


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Paulillo's picture

I gotta remember that move for my next wedding reception dance off.

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Ok, the Jerry Kill video beats the Dantonio one.  Sorry, Sparty.

Go Bucks! Roll-Tide!

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Bless that man. Keep up the good fight, Coach Kill !

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My grandpa's dead.  How to I get Jerry Kill to fill that role for me?

A man got to have a code...

AndyVance's picture

I said this earlier, but I was rooting for Minnesota even though it would have been somewhat better for the Buckeyes SOS for Penn State to win. But, Jerry Kill, man.

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Jerry Kill: "Yeah, I taught Beiber everything he knows."

Our Honor Defend!

rosycheeks's picture

That's a team that loves its coach. I'm one of the ones that has thought it's time for Kill to step away. I just punched myself in the mouth.

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That's great. Good for him. 

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We sure it's not another seizure?

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Not appropriate, even if sarcastic.

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+1 for you, sir.

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The fact that this got up-votes makes me lose hope in humanity... Disgusting...

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whatever that was funny.sorry everything isnt completely politically correct

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Its easy to hide behind this recent idea that "THE WORLD IS TOO PC AND SISSY AND EASILY OFFENDED," but the fact remains that human decency should still exist, and joking about that is awful in every sense.

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I figured on seeing a comment regarding the clip and the man's health issue. 
I had hoped I wouldn't have seen it on 11W. 

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Now if only he could get the recruiting going!

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This is great to see! 

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Can anyone say Chuck Pagano and the Colts?  Love this story, team rallying around a coach.  It will never get old.

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Wow... I can say no more

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wish I had body rhythm like that. I am scared to ever have a real wedding because I'll have to dance in front of people! Very cool, but very jealous!

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EvanstonBuckeye's picture

Jerry Kill is my B1G Coach of the Year. Many, many teams are falling apart with their coaches right there on the sideline. Kill's staff and players have stayed focused throughout his struggles and absence. That's the sign of a great coach. The Northern Illinois cradle of coaches is pretty impressive.

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People say Kill is selfish for not leaving Minnesota, but they're winning more than they have in a long time and the team really rallies around him. I don't see the issue if they're seemingly doing so well.

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Good for him! Whatever is going on there right now - they need to keep it up. Best pleasant surprise of the season so far.

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Kill has the team believing they can win. The whole coaching staff has been together for a number of years, and they are getting it done.
While I hope they are successful, one stretch of four games does not make a team great or even good. But they seem to have turned a corner. I wish them the best .