The Most SEC Quilt Ever

By Jason Priestas on November 9, 2013 at 5:51p
Alabama, where spelling is a lifestyle.

Alabama, where spelling is a lifestyle.

Source: @AlbertBreer

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Edit: just noticed "Crimison" as well. Unreal

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Bama, where everything is singular. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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God bless Bama acadumbics!

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How embarrassing, someone needs to comfort her.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

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This comment made me feel warm all over. 

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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A down vote ... pun was that bad eh LOL?

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

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I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

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Math isn't really a strong suit either considering they actually won the 2012 and 2013 "champship"

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Back to back champship y'all!

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Spelling has never been their strong point

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

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He should add, "My teacher never taught me how to spell." 

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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Um ... no thanks ... I can't un-see that .... (*barf*)

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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that is probably the most disturbing gif i have ever seen. still deserving of an upvote

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That tat of Bear Bryant looks like Freddy Krueger.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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"But I'm tryin' Ringo. I'm tryin', real hard, to be the shepherd"

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nothin says Murica like red, white, and houndstooth
raaaawl tide

A man got to have a code...

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At least now people won't think that I'm a fan of the Crimison Tide.

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Roll Cinnamon Tide!

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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I mean it sounds right.

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there is no I in team.... but in "Bama, there are three in Crimison Tide

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At least they spelled '2' right.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Just goes to show why Alabama not in AAU

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes